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Lake: Mount Elbert Forebay
Fish: Lake Trout

Anyone Have Updated Forebay Info?

Post By: wickedfisha      Posted: 6/3/2015 7:17:11 AM     Points: 1485    
I know not many of you from the website fish at the forebay, but I was wondering if anyone has an update on the fishing conditions at this lake. Have the lake trout moved into their summer pattern yet? Have they stocked yet this summer?

Any info is greatly appreciated.
 Reply by: BDA2      Posted: 6/3/2015 7:27:18 AM     Points: 0    
Fished it for about an hour Monday... ONE hit... Nothing hooked up... Not even a follower.
 Reply by: wickedfisha      Posted: 6/3/2015 10:41:50 AM     Points: 1485    
Hey BDA2, were you targeting lakers or other trout? What time of day was it??
 Reply by: Mr. Fly Fisherman      Posted: 6/3/2015 3:09:50 PM     Points: 154    
The CPW website said that they stocked the lake today.
 Reply by: Battchief      Posted: 6/18/2015 1:32:56 PM     Points: 295    
I have fished Forebay in my little toon boat a few times lately. Been pretty slow. But I did catch a new PB laker about a month ago.