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Lake: Main Reservoir
Fish: Saugeye

Main Res-slimy moss

Post By: jimmymacelk      Posted: 4/19/2015 9:28:17 AM     Points: 12    
Anyone with real true to life knowledge on how to avoid the slimy moss all over the bottom of Main? Even w lures, it's hard to keep the moss off. Grandkids get really frustrated.
 Reply by: tatonka      Posted: 4/19/2015 9:49:25 AM     Points: 167    
With the grand kids try keeping their presentation off the bottom if they are getting frustrated. Worm/bobber adjusted so that it stays off bottom. Other than that just peel it all off and cast again, no biggie. I was only catching the eyes while the jerk baits were bumping bottom I would have to clean my bait off almost every cast. If you want to catch em you have to get the baits down in the face of the fish. Long pauses up to 20 seconds was the trick, but the fish were also scattered around and not schooled up when I was there last week. The eyes were hitting the bait hard once they found it. Good Luck and keep those kids smiling!
 Reply by: cookster      Posted: 4/19/2015 10:00:14 AM     Points: 63782    
My best advice for the grand kids fishing is put a small crappie tube under that bobber so they can keep casting and reeling it in and who know what they might catch. Using worms will work to but not near as fun as the casting and retrieving. It will keep them moving and interested. Good luck and post up some pictures of the kids fishing.

If all else fails they need to tell grandma that grandpa won't take them to the pay ponds where they can catch fish. Works every time.
 Reply by: tatonka      Posted: 4/19/2015 10:39:51 AM     Points: 167    
That's a great idea Cookster! Great way to practice casting for the lil ones.
 Reply by: elkinthebag      Posted: 4/19/2015 10:51:33 AM     Points: 2088    
Minnow are leech on a slip bobber set it about 8'deep will get you close to bottom and when you get in closer to shore you an reel in slowly and the bait rises. Another option put w weight on the bottom of the line of the bobber and tie a little leader with a floating jig head on it. Weight will grab moss and not matter floating jig head will stay above.
 Reply by: led2zep      Posted: 4/28/2015 10:14:57 PM     Points: 883    
Jimmy, I was there last night and did very well. Drop shot is all you need. Had my plastic 12 inches from the weight. As others mentioned, my weight picked up the moss but my presentation hovered over the vegetation and directly in the strike zone. Last night was unreal with the cloudy weather before the low pressure transition. From 7:30-9 PM was the window for those aggressors. Good luck
 Reply by: tatonka      Posted: 4/29/2015 3:42:22 AM     Points: 167    
Nice work led2zep! Fun stuff