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Lake: Prospect Lake (Colorado Springs)


Post By: SobeHall      Posted: 3/31/2015 2:12:26 PM     Points: 311    
Went out last week sometime to just to get the line wet, caught a 12in trout on a kastmaster and snagged a shad ... guy close to me was fishing orange powerbait and killing them ... but ... he left with like 12 trout in his basket ... none of them with any size ... one reason I don't fish here that much anymore ... makes me sick
 Reply by: fishingfreak      Posted: 3/31/2015 2:17:45 PM     Points: 2755
he exceeded the trout limit hmmm
 Reply by: SobeHall      Posted: 3/31/2015 2:21:18 PM     Points: 311
Just a little.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 3/31/2015 2:21:35 PM     Points: 71043
sobe unfortunately you see that often and even more often near town. I've been at Monument where they have had huge stringers of tiny fish. You can't really say anything because they usually have a ton of kids with them and say they are within limit because of that.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 3/31/2015 2:21:35 PM     Points: 68725
Sadly it seem that many smaller bodies of water especially with close access for people get to get hit hard. Often they are fished out in a matter of weeks. In Brighton our rec center pond gets stocked a couple of times a year, if one pays attention you will see the same few people at the pond all day long as soon as it gets stocked. Often they come and go to take there load of fish home. It's sad but a way of life for some people.
 Reply by: Coloradomrg      Posted: 3/31/2015 2:38:39 PM     Points: 2061
Especially when close to or in Colorado Springs you need to call (719) 227-5200. If any of the officers are in, they'll dispatch right away.

I call the number on my liscense at other times because it's the best option. Someone taking that many fish home will still be over possession limits when they get home... So the follow-up from the officer can still lead to a ticket and other enforcement actions.
 Reply by: Jamesbo      Posted: 3/31/2015 3:08:59 PM     Points: 557
I took my son to Quail on 22 March. There were 2 CPW officers checking licenses and writing citations. Some poachers do get caught.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 3/31/2015 3:14:35 PM     Points: 1819
Last Sunday - on a flies and lures only lake nearby.. we walked around the lake flyfishing and catching nothing (3hrs). A guy around the bend with his whole family happily fishing with worms under bobber with 2 very large bass on a stringer (On-line Regs clearly state Flies and Lures only, and ALL Bass must be released immediately). At first I didn't say anything because he had kids with him and they were having a blast. Before I left that joyous bunch, I whispered to the dad that this is flies and lures only. He wasn't offended but told me that he's not using bait (which I knew for sure that he was). They all kept fishing.... no problems.... 30 mins later - another huge cheer from that bunch as they landed yet another big fish on worms.... probably kept going until they ran out of bait.

I walked to the front of the park - there used to be a sign that said: Flies and Lures only - that sign has been ripped down. The parking lot kept filling up with people with rods that have bells their tip - they were all converging on there... I won't go there anymore.

 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 3/31/2015 3:28:23 PM     Points: 68725
Bait dunkers =( They usually are the ones with too many fish.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 3/31/2015 5:50:10 PM     Points: 71043
Fishingjunkie - you should at least call the folks responsible for the lake town, dow etc and notify them the sign is down. If you don't want to blast the lake on this thread.. see if it has a lake skipper and notify them so they can call the appropriate office.

It's a tough situation you were in. I hate those type of confrontations.. do you intervene do you be quiet. I've done both. To be honest the type of person you dealt with is the kind that really wold have made me explode. Because they truly just blew you off. Someone that gets mad at you might not be very smart or just a jerk that don't care..
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 3/31/2015 6:11:41 PM     Points: 43914
I bet I know the lake. Ive seen the same thing and it pissed me off too. I talked to the Barr rangers and they told me they would let the right people know. I think its so rampant they cant keep up with it and the sign needs to be replaced. This was my main gripe on the survey.
 Reply by: Ajreed8      Posted: 3/31/2015 6:33:04 PM     Points: 1292
Worst part about it, it's always going to be happening with someone, somewhere.

I approach people a lot less than i used to. Biggest reason, I get the people who don't care more than the people that do.. Sad sight for sure.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 4/1/2015 8:50:42 AM     Points: 1819
@bron - yes, and it would be good to have signs around the lake - at least one or two. I believe the woman from that party had walked to the front gate to check for regs, but since signs were down she didn't get the right info there. Had there been some signs along the shore (on some common paths), then there would be no question.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 4/1/2015 8:53:51 AM     Points: 1819
@anglerwannabe - this lake has no skipper I'll call the city folks and let them know at least.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 4/1/2015 8:58:39 AM     Points: 1819
SobeHall - sorry for the thread hi-jack... now back to regularly scheduled programming... :)
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 4/1/2015 9:04:26 AM     Points: 71043
fishingjunkie - I'm thinking of a good lake skipper for that lake.. now let me seeee.. hmmmm.... How about you??? BTW once I make up my mind for these things, I'm pretty persistent.. ask frigid I hole lake skipper for GTown! I have no shame in harassing you at every opportunity until you succumb.. I mean volunteer..
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 4/1/2015 2:05:39 PM     Points: 1819
anglerwannabe - thx for your suggestion, but no thanks.
 Reply by: pikeNcolorado      Posted: 4/1/2015 2:45:47 PM     Points: 17861
This is a perfect example of why people should have taken 5 minutes out of their day to fill out CPW surveys as well as attend the meetings they held.

[log in for link]

[log in for link]

Alot of guys like to bitch and complain but no one wants to do anything about it. ( I'm not calling anyone out in this thread ) Just saying we had some opportunities to be heard and this is a BIG issue that could have been addressed.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 4/1/2015 3:18:05 PM     Points: 34970
I don't know the pond y'all are talking about, so I don't know the regs either... But is there a chance the guy had a legal bait like gulp etc under the bobber? Not that I think it is very likely, just a random passing thought.

The part of these type of posts that I struggle with is.. It bothered you enough to write a post online about it, but not quite enough to make a phone call... Getting a ticket would be well deserved for the parents, and a good lesson for the kids about breaking the rules.

We all like to vent from time to time, I get it. I also get that there is only so much of a chance that an officer will make it out in time to catch them, or even at all. If they get a few calls for the same lake, I bet you start to see more presence from CPW.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 4/1/2015 4:25:07 PM     Points: 71043
Ajax you're hitting my point. and this isn't isolated to this post but many like it. Person has a legitimate concern and vents here which is great. But like all too many of us outdoorsman, sit idly by and essentially does nothing.

OP and fishingjunkie by becoming a lake skipper for this lake you can be not only a vocal but visible voice in taking care of that lake. You would get to know the local authorities and they you. If I've learned anything it's that people that know you take you more seriously than just a rant on line or on the phone.

It's obvious you both have a passion and like of this body of water.. why not become involved? Yes the initial investment will take a little time but once you build the lake page well, all of fish explorer can benefit by knowing the rules and who to call. And it won't hardly take a few minutes of your time a month.

At one of my skippered lakes I caught a guy dumping worms and then tossing the container. I lit into him pretty quick and I was going on about how I WAS THE LAKE SKIPPER! That poor guy looked at me like I was from another planet. It didn't dawn on me until later he probably had no idea what a lake skipper was. Much less fish explorer lol On the other hand it probably helped my cause since people are generally afraid of crazy people. He picked up his trash and a little more and carried it out.

Point is.. you can make a difference.. one angler at a time. You could help improve this water and also earn points on FxR which come in handy at the winter give away. Not to mention it can turn into a great deal of fun. And while it sounds corny, we can make a huge difference together.
 Reply by: NoNick      Posted: 4/1/2015 5:23:43 PM     Points: 73
I appreciate good intentions, but the fact is there are people getting PAID by TAXPAYER money to enforce the regulations. If you see something that you know is not within the regs of a place, call the cops or the DOW. That's why they have Operation Game Thief. This website is only one of a few dedicated to Colorado fishing, and being a poster here should provide no special knowledge, rights, or privileges in advocating for or trying to improve any body of PUBLIC water.

Like the saying goes, if you see something, say something.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 4/1/2015 6:06:48 PM     Points: 43914
I was a lot more vocal over litterers and rule breakers before my son started going with me. I dont want him watching his dad throw blows over a Mcdonalds bag. Now Im sneaky and I have a good cell phone.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 4/1/2015 6:16:13 PM     Points: 68725
Nonick I don't think anyone is implying that because we belong to fxr we have any more rights to the lakes we fish. Many of us are just passionate about where we fish. There are people such as the dow who are payed to enforce the laws but like everywhere there are not enough of them and way too many rule breakers for them to keep up. It's all of our responsibilities to keep our waters clean and free of poachers weather we say something or make a call.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 4/1/2015 8:12:29 PM     Points: 71043
NoNick - say what? About the only thing I can agree with on your post is we have people that are paid to enforce rules and no one should get special privileges or rights.

Now lets look at the rest of your post.. you contradict yourself, you say call the authorities and then in the same breath say and I quote, "if you see something, say something".

Next being a member here absolutely should give you extra information. I have to assume that's exactly why everyone has joined this site.. to learn more about fishing and it's waters. And the lakes pages is an excellent start. And no, the whole world does not have to have access.. it's a membership site.

Now yes we have paid individuals specifically for enforcing the laws. With that in mind there is only one state that has more public land than Colorado and that's Alaska. So there is no way they can be everywhere at every moment. Next it's PUBLIC land PUBLIC that means it's yours and mine and we absolutely do have a responsibility to make it better. If we don't make it better, who will? the government? If I see people violating the law, at a minimum I should call authorities and gather as much information as possible. If possible I should correct the situation and educate them on what they are doing wrong. If for any reason I feel that the situation may be dangerous, I get away from that area and then inform authorities. For example, I feel it unwise to approach a bunch of drunks.

By making it better I'm not talking abut building dams or bridges or stocking fish. But seriously how hard is it to take a little trash with you. Educate some of our fellow anglers. Practice a little CnR. Do selective harvest. Attend some events and fill out a little documentation. If you aren't doing any of these things and we lose our rights.. it is absolutely our fault. Because we sat back and let it happen.

More people need to be like PikeN and Dangly.
 Reply by: elkskinner      Posted: 4/1/2015 8:15:40 PM     Points: 392
If you see this stuff goin' on and you do not make a phone call, or get a license plate #, then you are, in effect, putting your stamp of approval on these lawbreakers actions.

In my opinion, you are just as guilty as the bad guys.

These poachers are stealing. They are stealing from me and you and anyone else you buys a license and follows the rules. Every fish over the limit they take (or every deer or elk or antelope) is a fish which I or my kids or my grandkids can NOT catch.

And what the hey does kids being in these groups have to do with anything? These adults get a pass cause they got kids tagging along? BS! The adults set the example. The kid sees dad catch and keep a dozen trout, he soon realizes it's OK. He now has the mindset rules are for other people. Rules don't apply to him and his family.

I was a hunter ed/bowhunter ed instructor for 25 years, and have done lots of volunteer work for the DOW for over 35 years. I have seen this crap going on for decades, still see it today.

If you don't report it, you're no better than the crooks.

Dennis in Loveland
 Reply by: pikeNcolorado      Posted: 4/1/2015 9:00:08 PM     Points: 17861
Thanks Angler for the compliment. Just doing my part in trying to.speak up for the Anglers.
 Reply by: NoNick      Posted: 4/1/2015 10:18:30 PM     Points: 73
That phrase can be interpreted a variety of ways. I don't have to walk over to someone and get in their face to be saying something. I have a cell phone.

I can get information from other sites, too, so I suppose since I visit more than one site I'm "informed". That being said, it doesn't make me an honorary DOW deputy, and I don't want that mantle either. My participation in fishing fan sites also doesn't make my complaints to the proper authorities about law breakers hold any more weight than a senior citizen who has never seen the internet. If you read your prior response, you state that YOU are the Skipper at such and such a lake on an internet website, therefore you can go ahead and "light" into people if you see them doing wrong. Well, I don't see it that way.

People are PAID to do that job and the LESS they are required to do it by not calling the proper folks in to enforce the law, the more ethical sportsman are getting ripped off. I don't expect the DOW to be everywhere at once.Tthat's why they print a regulation book. However, the more they hear from ethical people about places that are being abused, the more they are forced to act. The gubmint wastes enough money by paying people to sit around to do nothing. Call them on it and let THEM do their jobs.
 Reply by: SobeHall      Posted: 4/6/2015 11:51:00 AM     Points: 311
Sorry for being late getting back ... but yes ... I did complain and write this post, and I didn't make a call at the time because when I fish I go phoneless due to work and other annoyances while I'm trying to enjoy myself. I did however call afterwards which obviously is too late, but it's a common occurrence down there and someone should start doing a better job of regulating.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 4/6/2015 12:23:32 PM     Points: 1819
I also did call Game Thief today about my local lake (more offenders encountered on Sat - who don't give a hoot even after you politely tell them). I didn't have my phone with me either, but I made a call today, found out there a new officer for that lake, I plan on keeping him posted.
 Reply by: NoNick      Posted: 4/6/2015 4:54:30 PM     Points: 73
Good for you guys for following up.. If a divisional office or OGT gets called enough, they WILL act. I knew of a guy who liked to limit out legally. Problem is it was every day he went fishing and he had more fish in his actual possession than legally allowed. He literally had a freezer full of fish, and that is illegal and way beyond the possession limit. One of the locals to the lake got sick of it, and he called when the guy was camping out there. An officer came by with legal rights to search his RV's freezer, and he wound up paying a large fine for his poaching. It DOES work, you just have to keep at it. The problem with telling people what to do is as a private citizen, we have no authority to enforce the regulations. We can "suggest" that someone is doing wrong, but the usual WGAS response from the moron in question is more often than not as far as it gets.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 4/6/2015 6:51:30 PM     Points: 1819
that's... right, NoNick... my feeling and experience is the same.
 Reply by: esoxrocks      Posted: 4/6/2015 9:27:38 PM     Points: 2506
Not that this solves anything relative to this specific post, but does anyone ever take phone video of offenders? Just the act of taking the video may cause some of these jerks to think twice... but video combined with quick action by having the ranger's number in your contacts could be pretty powerful stuff. Not to mention that none of it requires direct confrontation... unless your in the mood.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 4/6/2015 9:29:52 PM     Points: 68725
Be careful with video and pictures on your phone. Your phone could quickly become evidence and something that you won't get back for a few months. But certainly not a bad though.
 Reply by: esoxrocks      Posted: 4/6/2015 9:52:36 PM     Points: 2506
I didn't think of that. But why wouldn't they just take the vid off the phone?

Oh yea, that would make sense... answered my own question (heh).
 Reply by: Coloradomrg      Posted: 4/6/2015 9:58:23 PM     Points: 2061
I'm told pictures and video from witnesses are typically inadmissible, and the CPW officers I have spoken with would rather have a detailed written or typed record of what was seen.

Pictures and or video don't hurt though in my opinion, and there is no reason why you'd loose your phone for any period of time. The file can simply be emailed, or saved to a disk. Either method will retain the original electronic time and date stamp.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 4/6/2015 10:04:01 PM     Points: 68725
Try it out and let us know how it works. You'll probably be posting from a computer because you won't have your phone.
 Reply by: lvrider      Posted: 4/6/2015 11:16:06 PM     Points: 65
Make a youtube Chanel of all the poaches.
 Reply by: Coloradomrg      Posted: 4/6/2015 11:35:21 PM     Points: 2061
I've been doing it for years... The responding officers have never wanted or needed the pictures or the video files. Half the time they won't even look at them. Like I said, a written account with times and details of the infraction(s) is more useful to them.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 4/7/2015 5:48:02 AM     Points: 68725
Co your probably correct. In my experience I have seen it go the other way but that was in actual criminal cases. The wildlife officers probably don't take it because they know that these cases are going to plea out to a slap on the hand.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 4/7/2015 7:14:36 AM     Points: 71043
Man I need to meet these DOW people all of you talk about. The ones that don't do anything and a slap on the hand. My entire family is in law enforcement of one sort or another and DOW officers in any state make most police look like a birthday party in comparison.

A bunch of years ago while hunting in Rifle I had deer in the tree all dressed from the night before. Problem was I didn't have the tag on it. It was late when we got back to camp and I simply failed to place it on the animal. I had punched the date and time and everything else when I took it but forgot it back at camp. Early next morning with the game warden he had no mercy and cited me. Said he understood it wasn't intentional but that's the way it is.

 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 4/7/2015 7:35:55 AM     Points: 68725
Jim I've had similar experience with hunting. Fortunately I got the slap on the hand. I have found that the wildlife officers tend to be a lot more strict when it come to hunting than fishing. It may have to do with fines as hunting fines especially for big game animals can get very pricey where one extra fish is probably not that big of a ticket. Either way it's good to hear that people are getting caught and that were doing our parts to catch these people!

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