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Lake: Boyd Lake
Fish: White Bass

Located White Bass At Boyd

Post By: fishman1      Posted: 3/23/2015 9:53:05 PM     Points: 21001    
Today was the second outing on Boyd since last Friday. Friday was nothing but trout. Today it was real slow. Tried the north end with 0 results. Trolled around the south end and caught an 18 inch cutbow then located the largest school of white bass i've ever seen on my sonar. Trolled over them and had 3 out of 4 rods go at the same time and landed 1. Found the school again and hung 1 more. had enough time to make 1 more pass and hung 1 more. Only 1 small one and the the other 2 were 13 & 14 inches. The school ranged from 20 to 30 ft. deep. Wished we had more time to stop and jig for them. Maybe next time.

 Reply by: elkinthebag      Posted: 3/23/2015 10:38:20 PM     Points: 2133    
Nice I am going to try and make it out for them next week. Going to kick some but Ina porch for my grand parents and finish removing my tree then fishingtime.
 Reply by: fishman1      Posted: 3/24/2015 9:15:38 AM     Points: 21001    
Good luck!

 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 3/24/2015 9:18:23 AM     Points: 1816    
fishman - how far down did you run your lures to get those bass - do you use leadcore or downriggers?! What colors of plugs worked for ya?
 Reply by: fishman1      Posted: 3/24/2015 9:56:45 PM     Points: 21001    
Fishing Junkie, e-mail me on my skipper link.

 Reply by: elkinthebag      Posted: 3/24/2015 10:41:12 PM     Points: 2133    
You going to bites again any time soon fisherman1 I know you ussually have it dialed in pretty good and I won't have as much time as I was hoping.
 Reply by: woollybugger      Posted: 3/25/2015 8:50:16 AM     Points: 71    
I used to live on the lake and caught a lot trolling by the dam in relatively shallow water using a silver panther martin. Another place and method is close to the concrete intake structure on the southwest part of the lake using a live minnow halfway to the bottom in 15-20 feet of water.

A sunny day worked best.
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