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Lake: Corn Lake

Confidence Booster

Post By: bigAB      Posted: 1/11/2015 7:14:35 AM     Points: 110    
A confidence booster lake. Always fun to catch countless fish. If your not catching fish switch spots because you should catch one every few minutes. My best record here was a fish every 10 sec until I get bored. I use a small ratfinkee or a small silver kastmaster, or a 1.5in tube jig. The fish bite with no bait, although if you want to catch faster use a wax worm. If your able to keep count of how many you catch your doing something wrong. Sizes range from 8in to 16in with a 11in average.

I caught something I could quite identify. It has the texture of a walleye, fins like a trout and a mouth of a catfish. What is it?
 Reply by: Knottyboy      Posted: 1/11/2015 8:07:11 AM     Points: 240
It is a pikeminnow. Cool! Watch the regulations on them.
 Reply by: Seatrout625      Posted: 1/11/2015 9:25:20 AM     Points: 0
What was the ice thickness?
 Reply by: westsloper      Posted: 1/11/2015 9:59:05 AM     Points: 1784
It's a bony tail chub from the river.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 1/11/2015 10:03:24 AM     Points: 11263

Taint no walleye.
 Reply by: southcat king      Posted: 1/11/2015 10:06:04 AM     Points: 30
if that is a pikeminnow, thats awesome!
 Reply by: bigAB      Posted: 1/11/2015 10:11:55 AM     Points: 110
Thanks for the species ID on pikeminnow. I feel like badass.
 Reply by: westsloper      Posted: 1/11/2015 11:24:40 AM     Points: 1784
It's not a pike minnow, it's a bonytail chub

Top pic is a pike minnow, bottom pick is a bonytail. The river from Rifle to Moab is FULL of them!
 Reply by: lil hooker      Posted: 1/11/2015 12:16:35 PM     Points: 719
Great pics and comparison westsloper.
 Reply by: bigAB      Posted: 1/11/2015 12:47:15 PM     Points: 110
Thanks Westsloper for correct species ID, I have magnetics of the 4 endangered I have been trying to compare it to.
 Reply by: gotafish      Posted: 1/11/2015 3:31:16 PM     Points: 142
I think what you have is a close cousin to the Bonytail chub. Look at how deep the fork on the picture of the Bonytail is. I think you have a roundtail chub.
 Reply by: westsloper      Posted: 1/11/2015 3:57:17 PM     Points: 1784
Gotafish might have nailed it!
 Reply by: Knottyboy      Posted: 1/11/2015 4:35:15 PM     Points: 240
You guys are right...not a pikeminnow. I need glasses! It looks to be a roundtail chub! I focused on the lateral line and not the mouth. Sorry.

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