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Lake: Boyd Lake
Fish: White Crappie
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Big Crapper

Post By: Steelhead      Posted: 11/5/2014 9:52:10 AM     Points: 465    
biggest crappie I have ever caught and released. also hit a 20" rainbow and a 3lb+ bass out of the same hole. 4 hours of fishing, nothing, then the sun set and it was bang bang bang. it not over till its over. pic does not really do it justice but I was alone on the boat with no one to take a grip and grin.
 Reply by: BlackByrd      Posted: 11/5/2014 10:05:27 AM     Points: 45    
What part of the lake and what were they biting
 Reply by: oldguy      Posted: 11/5/2014 10:34:04 AM     Points: 245    
Take me there and you won't be alone in the boat. I will buy lunch.
 Reply by: Steelhead      Posted: 11/5/2014 10:49:41 AM     Points: 465    
The area in question was in front of the main boat ramp out to the big no wake buoy. I have caught most of my larger fish on boyd at the ramp area getting in and out of the lake. Most fisherman race away from the ramp leaving that area unmolested.
 Reply by: bratfish      Posted: 11/5/2014 11:02:41 AM     Points: 1099    
nice crappie. theyve been good to me too this year. i use a can or lighter to show size when you have to snap a pic like this.
 Reply by: Pathway      Posted: 11/5/2014 6:52:25 PM     Points: 537    
That is a toad-o-rama.
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