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Lake: Jim Baker Reservoir
Fish: Channel Catfish

Kitty cats just stocked?

Post By: Fishin_Fred      Posted: 9/22/2014 11:06:02 AM     Points: 35    
Went to JBL on friday after work setup out mid lake on the SouthSide and was nailing small cats left and right off night crawlers with a texas rig on a #10 hook. Amtrack train pulled up and parked for 10 minutes in which time I was able to pull out 6 cats in the 6-10" range with one coming in just over 11. Fishing is picking up here. love the fish in this lake and searching for those monster bass and Walleye. any tips on where they are lurking?
 Reply by: elkinthebag      Posted: 9/22/2014 11:12:50 AM     Points: 2133
Not aware if there being monster walleye in the lake. I know it was stocked with tiger Muskie a few years back. It gets a stocking of channels every couple years but do to bad catch and release techniques and keeping undersized fish not a whole lot make it to monster size. The bass stay deeper there lots of open water forage for them.
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: 9/22/2014 2:03:57 PM     Points: 9279
I've done best fishing for bass in the spring...for some reason on the bad weather days is when i catch the bigger lmb and smb there. After the draw down a couple years ago i realized that the water that i was fishing didn't really have any cover to it that was holding bass in one place and instead must have been following schools of smaller fish. Like elkinthebag said, there is a lot of open water to search thru so dont get stuck on one area for too long. when on the riprap keep in mind that it goes down a long ways and keeps that slope. Spinnerbaits, twistytails, cranks and jerkbaits have worked well in the past for me.
 Reply by: Fishin_Fred      Posted: 9/23/2014 9:35:22 AM     Points: 35
Thank you elkinthebag and panfishin for the info. I too see better responses from the fish when the weather is turning. With all the clouds this week they should be biting fairly good. I have tried some frogs and mice along the tall grass on the south side, but agree that I need to cover more area(open water). Happy Fishing
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