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Lake: Casey's Pond
River: Yampa River - Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Vacation

Post By: the fishing dj      Posted: 8/12/2014 7:29:41 PM     Points: 25270    
Once a year, my family and I go up to steamboat for the annual wine festival. This year was a blast. I had just gotten a new tfo fly rod, a new fishpond pack, and a bunch of new boxes and flies. I started at the local pond in town, and had a little hammer handle on my second cast. Not only was it a blast, but it was my first pike on the fly. He ate a #6 white meat whistle. The next morning my dad and I headed to a nearby SWA on the Yampa, and I got a few ripping some big articulated meat. I fished the pond a bit more, and got two nice pike on a #6 white Krystal bugger, along with two slimers on a #14 San Juan and a #14 pheasant tail. We hit the SWA one more time in the morning, and I got a big surprise. As I was fishing a little riffle plum full of 8in slimers, my indicator, daintily dipped. Expecting a little guy, I lifted up to be greeted by a brute heading up stream. The fish went around 18in, and ate a #20 rainbow warrior. I got a few little ones on a para addams, and then called it a day. I fished the Yampa right in town as well, but walked away with a skunk. We then headed to leg two of our vacation, Glenwood springs. We spent the first day at the pool, but it was up at 5 and off to the pan the next morning. We fished the flats, and the flows were up a bit, but fish were caught. My dad stuck a few on a black #6 bugger, but I walked away with a big fat skunk. Overall it was a blast of a trip, and I canít wait for next year!
Tight lines,
Pic 1: 18in yampa bow on the rainbow warrior
Pic 2: 15in yampa brown on the articulated fly
Pic 3: 14in pike from the pond on the krystal bugger
 Reply by: the fishing dj      Posted: 8/12/2014 7:32:17 PM     Points: 25270
Pic 1: the fly in the big bow's mouth
Pic 2: a slimer from the pond on a pheasant tail
pic 3: my first pike on the fly!
 Reply by: pikeNcolorado      Posted: 8/12/2014 8:07:05 PM     Points: 17861
Rob, email me via my skipper link. I can get you on some bigger pike in the area for next year.
 Reply by: tfotrout      Posted: 8/13/2014 1:27:39 AM     Points: 1474
Nice fish looks like a blast!
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