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Fish: White Crappie

Your opinion

Post By: jman      Posted: 4/29/2014 8:07:13 PM     Points: 2247    
What's up with this guy out of about 80 crappies I caught after work 4 of them had black heads? And ideas?
 Reply by: lewdog      Posted: 4/29/2014 8:45:28 PM     Points: 3940    
Its a Michael jackson lookalike wannabe
 Reply by: CKV      Posted: 4/29/2014 8:45:47 PM     Points: 5    
 Reply by: sals24      Posted: 4/29/2014 9:09:03 PM     Points: 50    
What were you using to catch the crappie? I've been out a couple times this past week trying to catch some and am having no luck. Any advice. Thanks!
 Reply by: Mr.Pink      Posted: 4/29/2014 9:21:37 PM     Points: 427    
I think CKV is right. Males sometimes look like that when they're building nests. I've never actually seen it...just what I've read.
 Reply by: Tater      Posted: 4/29/2014 10:44:31 PM     Points: 70    

"Another aspect of coloration that leads to confusion is that during spring some crappie are very dark on the head and throat. That is the breeding coloration of male crappie and occurs in both species in the spring. Females do not exhibit that coloration."
 Reply by: jman      Posted: 4/30/2014 5:41:32 AM     Points: 2247    
I have never caught one like that.
I was drop shoting small gulps and small hair jigs under a slip.
 Reply by: Russian      Posted: 4/30/2014 7:16:24 AM     Points: 1030    
Try throwing twister tails. Change colors, sizes and depth until you find them. You can also try fat head minnows under a bobber. Usually works for me.
 Reply by: Pond Stalker      Posted: 4/30/2014 10:13:47 AM     Points: 0    
I have never caught or seen a Crappie like that. Thanks for sharing the information everybody. I have learned something new!
 Reply by: the fishing dj      Posted: 4/30/2014 1:40:22 PM     Points: 25270    
Just a crappie in spawning colors. I catch them like that all the time in the spring.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 4/30/2014 2:15:31 PM     Points: 9248    
My stomach's color blind !
 Reply by: SnipeHuntin      Posted: 4/30/2014 10:59:00 PM     Points: 6832    
Agree it's spawning colors.
 Reply by: Orion      Posted: 4/30/2014 11:21:02 PM     Points: 1689    
Definitely spawning colors, also that's a black crappie.
 Reply by: catfishking      Posted: 5/1/2014 8:23:56 AM     Points: 407    
I've never seen one like that usually the whole body is black also

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