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Lake: Salisbury Park

salisbury lake.

Post By: copejunkie      Posted: 4/9/2014 1:51:14 AM     Points: 243    
Haven't really seen anything on this lake in a while. I was just wondering if anybody has fished it lately? I use to fish it a lot about 2 years ago but I'm pretty sure it had winter kill last year. Thinking about trying it soon any information would help thanks!

 Reply by: Breadman      Posted: 4/9/2014 6:23:14 AM     Points: 41    
I wouldn't bother going there. The water fluctuation and weeds and moss have ruined it. Thank the water dept for that
 Reply by: steveoatm      Posted: 4/9/2014 7:04:07 AM     Points: 653    
Mmmm. Salisbury steak....