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Lake: Left Hand Reservoir - IPWA

When does the road close?

Post By: Bryan87      Posted: 10/28/2013 9:46:10 AM     Points: 583    
Does anyone know when the road closes to Lefthand reservoir?
 Reply by: Bryan87      Posted: 10/28/2013 9:49:19 AM     Points: 583    
Just found my answer. Closed. Bummer. [log in for link]

Any advice on other good Brook Trout lakes?
 Reply by: Doc      Posted: 10/28/2013 10:18:09 AM     Points: 309    
Looking online I see Rd 101 and 104 going back to LHR..didn't see those lised on your link..I'd give a might still be able to make the 2-3 mile its really cold up there now.
 Reply by: catchn      Posted: 10/29/2013 7:39:00 AM     Points: 218    
It's like a 1.5 mile hike, my wife did it like 7 months pregnant over 5 ft snow drifts in May a few years ago? Unless your handicap,... get off your arse.

Disclaimer: I retract previous statment if you are in fact handicapped or inpaired in anyway 8)

Tight lines
 Reply by: Bryan87      Posted: 10/29/2013 10:30:03 AM     Points: 583    
Yes, it is a 1.5 mile Hike. I was inquiring about the road being closed. No I am not handicapped but well stated 'C'.

 Reply by: angryangler      Posted: 11/6/2013 5:33:41 PM     Points: 140    
Do they allow snowmobiles on the road after it closes?
..I seem to remember seeing a sign at the trail head...
 Reply by: catchn      Posted: 11/6/2013 11:18:44 PM     Points: 218    
believe it's no motorized travel, there is a big metal bar that goes across the road.
 Reply by: krueger      Posted: 11/7/2013 11:31:55 AM     Points: 102    
Its been closed since the first week of october
 Reply by: Bassackwards      Posted: 11/7/2013 11:36:41 AM     Points: 840    
Call the Boulder County ranger station and ask them about snowmobiles. If they say yes, make sure you get a name.
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