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Fish: Black Bullhead

Bullhead help

Post By: the fishing dj      Posted: 10/23/2013 12:35:03 PM     Points: 25270    
I'm helping out my biology teacher put together a fish tank of small front range fish, and one of them is a bullhead. I have caught smaller channel cats before, but bullhead have always eluded me. are there any places in or around fort collins that I could catch a bullhead at before friday?
 Reply by: opencage      Posted: 10/23/2013 1:09:47 PM     Points: 164763
Fishing for homework, now that's a cool school assignment! :-)

Check out the species page here: [log in for link]

On the right side is a list of waters known to have that species.

Looks like the Sheilds Ponds have some.

 Reply by: Catman1979      Posted: 10/23/2013 2:53:45 PM     Points: 570
Sorry, I like the kid, he has potential.

BUT, you can't transport live fishes in Colorado, so that would put a nix on your teachers idea. Unless he has some magical ability to get around that rule, then it's a no go.

If you want a cool catfish for the aquarium, get some "African Upside-Down Catfish". They act EXACTLY like any other catfish. I learned a ton just by watching the two I owned. When resting, they hide upside down under rocks and timber, hence the name.
 Reply by: opencage      Posted: 10/23/2013 2:56:18 PM     Points: 164763
Oh yeah, totally forgot about that. Thanks catman. Maybe/hopefully, the teacher has already thought of that and got an OK from CPW.
 Reply by: the fishing dj      Posted: 10/23/2013 6:32:59 PM     Points: 25270
He has the thumbs up from the DOW for putting in a few small fish.
 Reply by: the fishing dj      Posted: 10/27/2013 4:03:52 PM     Points: 25270
Well I've spent the past two days at the pond behind loveland high school and at fossil creek park, and I have yet to see a bullhead, let alone hook one. I'm using worms on a hook about 6in above a weight. What am I doing wrong?
Tight Lines,
 Reply by: lewdog      Posted: 10/27/2013 4:55:33 PM     Points: 3940
Try throwing out several tiny hooks with worms n no weights.
 Reply by: go_gettem      Posted: 10/27/2013 6:15:41 PM     Points: 94
Idk if its possible but I have a pond full of them over here near alamosa co. Is it possible to ship u some or if u can make it down here?
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