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Lake: Chatfield Reservoir
Fish: White Sucker

Rare catch

Post By: Jacob J      Posted: 9/26/2013 6:15:56 PM     Points: 1591    
Spent 3 hours at Massey Draw and got no bites at all.
Moved to my regular place (Roxborough Cove) and managed to land a Sucker. This is my first White Sucker. Got on Crawler. Very unusual biting. Just a few nipps and all went quiet. Started to pull back to check bait and realized that I have something hooked. No other action. All my neighbors went home skunked.
 Reply by: El Jefe      Posted: 9/26/2013 6:27:29 PM     Points: 280    
Put it in a zip-lock baggie filed with water, freeze it, and it'll be great for the lakers when the ice lid comes on at Granby!
 Reply by: Tubejig      Posted: 10/1/2013 4:53:04 PM     Points: 434    
That's about $6-7 at the bait shop.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 10/1/2013 5:05:07 PM     Points: 58787    
very cool.
 Reply by: Jacob J      Posted: 10/2/2013 6:45:06 AM     Points: 1591    
I barely got even profitwise since I have spent $6.00 for worms. But on the fun side I brought home a nice sunburns so my family now calls me a redneck :-)