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Lake: Pine Valley Ranch Pond
Fish: Rainbow Trout

Nice foothills trout fishing, Good wheel chair access

Post By: Jack44Fish      Posted: 8/30/2013 9:29:46 AM     Points: 1973    
I took my buddy that is limited to a wheel chair for a trout fishing outing at Pine Lake and had a fine afternoon. We landed 6 decent rainbows and had many more hits. Biggest was 12 inches. It was his first fishing outing since his health failed about 2 years ago. He was very happy. The handicaped facilities were Excellent. I had no touble pushing his chair to the pier and the platform there was excellent. We caught the most on elk hair caddis fished dry wirth a bubble float on a spin rod. Gulp worms also generated considerable action. powerbait did not work.
 Reply by: royal wulff      Posted: 9/2/2013 10:40:41 PM     Points: 0    
That is great, I have already considered if my heath failed in some way how I would keep myself fishing.
 Reply by: phidoux      Posted: 9/3/2013 4:45:06 PM     Points: 5931    
Good karma will be coming your way for taking him fishing.
Last summer i was confined to a wheelchair due to a shattered leg and heel (fell 19' off a ladder) so i was at the mercy of somebody else to take me fishing as well as places i could go.
My wife was great about taking me out but it wasnt fair to her to sit and wait for me to be done fishing what i wouldnt have done to have a friend to take me out.
Now im still confined to a cane till this leg heals but it makes it a little easer to go when i want to and i have a fishing buddy now so things are looking up.