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Fish: Green Sunfish

No really a Bass/Sunny hybrid

Post By: tracks      Posted: 7/24/2013 8:51:37 AM     Points: 267    
Okay so now I think I should have gotten a couple of pics.
Last night I had an hour to kill at a local pond so I went over an flailed a few flies around for fun and caught a couple fish..
One was very strange, his colors were straight up green sunfish, he was 2.5-3" long but his mouth was at least 5/8" in diameter!
He had swallowed whole a size 4 bellyache minnow, and it easily came out!! He wasn't tall but quite wide for a sunny.
I know I know hybrids really don't happen in the wild but I'm gonna get out there and catch him before a bass eats him.