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Ice Fishermen!

Post By: Matt      Posted: 12/1/2006 8:58:24 PM     Points: 88163    
We've been asked a lot if we're going to cover ice conditions on the site, and to that I say heck yeah. I myself won't be on much hardwater this winter, but I'd love to have the site be useful to ice fishermen.

To submit ice and access conditions for a lake, use the same form as before and just enter details in the "conditions" box. The only request I make is to refrain from saying the ice is "safe", because we want everyone to be cautious no matter how thick the ice is.

Any other recommendations on what types of information would be useful?
 Reply by: Kruck      Posted: 12/15/2006 10:48:24 AM     Points: 1
Thickness and color would do it. No need for "safe" or "unsafe" that way. i.e. 8 inches of clear ice; or 12 inches of white ice; or black ice would suffice. Snow cover on ice, etc., might be helpful, too, after a warm spell.
 Reply by: Matt      Posted: 12/15/2006 7:40:05 PM     Points: 88163
Great input. Any other ideas? I'll put a note up on the conditions submission form listing this stuff to help guide conditions reports.
 Reply by: tvella      Posted: 12/16/2006 12:31:07 PM     Points: 54
Hi Matt, I would like to request adding Red Feathers Lakes (Dowdy and West lake) to list of lakes. Thanks!
 Reply by: brookieflyfisher      Posted: 12/16/2006 8:51:39 PM     Points: 6183
Hey Matt, I would really appreciate it if you added Georgetown Lake to your list of lakes. It is a popular lake right off I-70. It is a great rainbow and brown trout lake. Plus ice fishing can be really good, but it is hard to access conditions information so I would really appreciate it if it would be added. Thanks!
 Reply by: Matt      Posted: 12/17/2006 10:12:03 PM     Points: 88163
We've got a long list of lakes to add - I just added West and Georgetown to that list (Dowdy is already on the list). FYI - you can see all the lakes (active and inactive) in the drop-down menu when you submit a forum post.

We'd love nothing more than to add a bunch of lakes, but we need to get a grip on the ones we feature already. Even though we rely on you all to help keep the lake conditions updated, we feel responsible to update them ourselves if we're not getting input...which leads to a lot of driving around and calling!

Long story short, we can add these to the main list if we can get help with conditions - meaning if you fish them often or know others who can help. I'll post another topic about this.
 Reply by: WEASEL      Posted: 12/18/2006 6:30:58 PM     Points: 43
The more lakes the better! As many hardwater fans that are out there we should be able to keep the ice info up to date.
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