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Lake: Webster Lake

Any hope to catch bass in the next couple days?

Post By: wickedfisha      Posted: 4/16/2013 11:24:36 PM     Points: 1486    
Does anybody have any recent info from Webster? I'm looking to get down out of the mountains for a day, and I was wondering how the weather and bite has been on the front range. I was hoping to catch some bass, but I know the recent storms/cold could be keeping the bite pretty tame for now.

I'm dropping by Basspro to pick up my new Tracker Topper jon boat tomorrow, and I figured Webster looks pretty close to there. I really wanted to go cast for some pike at the RMA, but I guess you can't fish there except on Tues, Sat & Sun. Are there any other North Denver waters that are fishing well right now for non-trout species?

Any info, advice, or help would be appreciated.
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