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River: South Platte - Deckers
Fish: Longnose Sucker

First Time Fishing Deckers

Post By: Carp Crazy      Posted: 2/4/2013 2:10:00 PM     Points: 65    
Fished the S. Platte north of Deckers for the first time ever on Sunday. Some good size fish in that river! didnt catch any monsters but spooked a few up. Managed to get into a few bows, a Brown and a Longnose sucker (all still swimming). Didnt even know we had them in Colorado, they werent even on the species list in the CO Fishing Brochure. Wasnt exactly sure what it was until I logged into FishExplorer. I am curious about the description on here? Says they are good eating, can anyone attest to that?
 Reply by: Orion      Posted: 2/4/2013 2:17:07 PM     Points: 689
Where does it say they're good eating? Maybe I missed it! Anyways, I'm pretty sure (If I remember correctly from Ichthyology) we have 4 species of suckers in Colorado, white, longnose, flannel mouth, and bluehead. I just checked the species list and the 4 suckers species is confirmed on there.

Anyways about the eating thing, there are some areas (Ozarks for example) where people eat suckers pretty commonly. I've eaten white sucker before and it wasn't bad. Not good enough that I'll go out and eat every white sucker I catch but good enough that I would eat it again if someone was offering.

Good job on catching some fish, especially the sucker, for some reason I can't seem to get suckers on my fly rod.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 2/4/2013 2:22:00 PM     Points: 1834
When I lived in MI, the locals would catch suckers and smoke them (but only in the Spring). They said that they taste best in that time of year - don't know haven't tried it. It would seem like the meat would be pretty mushy. Not my kind of fair.

Good job catching fish in Deckers - from my experience these fish down there have a PhD in etymology and have seen every kind of nymph and dry fly that exists in the world of fly fishing, so if you can fool one of them you're much better than I am. Congrats -
 Reply by: Walleye Guy      Posted: 2/4/2013 2:26:18 PM     Points: 219
We used to spear suckers in the spring when the ran up the creeks to spawn....pickled them, Very good if you like herring etc. Cold water was the key to good meat....flesh is firm, white and quite good when pickled, I would guess smoking would be good also.

 Reply by: Fiddler1986      Posted: 2/4/2013 2:37:22 PM     Points: 10219
Is that the new cabelas rod? If so how do you like it? I was thinking of getting one. But in my experience the white suckers taste a lot better than the long nose. I had caught both a few years back and decided to fry them both up. Like I said, the white suckers tasted better even though I thought the long nose were a cooler looking fish.
 Reply by: Carp Crazy      Posted: 2/6/2013 8:39:50 AM     Points: 65
Bear in mind i knew nothing about suckers before i caught one. After reading the Fish Species description on Fish Explorer for both the white and longnose sucker, I came to the conclusion that they were basically the same fish. The white sucker description had said - "They are potentially an underutilized sport fish, as their flesh has a fine, sweet flavor and it is sometimes sold as freshwater mullet” so i assumed that the same would be true for the longnose. Dont think I will ever eat one, just wondered if many people do or had. I appreciate for the info.

Fiddler - I love it! It is the 6wt L-Tech rod and WLX reel. Bought it about 8 months ago when they were still selling it as a combo, think they only offer a saltwater version in the combo now. Anyway its a extremely light fast action setup. I havnt found a reason to dislike it so far and hard to beat it for the price I paid!
 Reply by: Flyrodn      Posted: 2/6/2013 9:38:28 AM     Points: 184622
Nice sucker. I do believe it to be a white sucker, versus longnose. The long nose typically has finer scales, and the mouth is set back from the end a bit further. White and Longnose are two of the native species to the Eastern Slope and have become a "problem" on the Western Slope. The two species can hybridize.

The vast majority of suckers caught by folks are the white sucker. I've only caught a couple of longnose, and they were from the Arkansas in Pueblo. Here's a pic of a longnose I caught last month there.

And yes suckers are good table fare. Like many species the bias against them is unfounded, and not based on trying one.
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