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Fish: Green Sunfish

I didn't even know they got this big

Post By: Farmer Brown      Posted: 8/25/2012 2:03:15 PM     Points: 115    
I went fishing today in my favorite green sunfish spot. The average fish size here is four inches but today I got a real big one. Caught it on a pink grub. The small fish is the average size fish I catch at this spot.
 Reply by: lilbreigh      Posted: 8/25/2012 2:16:59 PM     Points: 1892    
Nice greenie....yeah they can get around 8-10 inches in the right environment...

 Reply by: PIKE FLY      Posted: 8/26/2012 9:36:26 AM     Points: 1068    
If you like catching green sunfish, I know a great place to catch 10'' plus greens and the occasional cat, If it is not out of your way to get there.
 Reply by: refisherman      Posted: 8/26/2012 4:36:05 PM     Points: 3    
Hey PikeFly15 i would love to know that spot! Ive been wanting to get into decent Greenies!
 Reply by: Farmer Brown      Posted: 8/27/2012 4:22:46 PM     Points: 115    
I would love to hear where your spot is.
 Reply by: jman      Posted: 8/27/2012 4:30:01 PM     Points: 2247    
Greens are not that hard to find and they do get pretty big.

Refish- There are ponds all around you that have very large greens in them i have caught alot around you.