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Lake: Cattail Pond at Boulder County Fairgrounds
Fish: Largemouth Bass

New pond, new experience.

Post By: djdkmode      Posted: 7/9/2012 10:35:36 AM     Points: 241    
I decided I would check out Fairgrounds Lake over on the Rogers Grove parking area side. It was raining on and off butthe fish seemed active. I managed to land a 14" Largemouth Bass within about 2 minutes of getting there. It was really pale in color. I'd say the lightest I've ever seen. About 15 minutes later I caught a surpize with my Senko....a Channel Catfish. I've never caught a Channel Cat off of a Senko but then again I've caught them accidentally before on Trout lures. It was a small Cat but still fun to fight with and definitly had me wondering the size of the Bass I thought I was reeling in. I left shortly after that but it was worth the small amount of time I spent there. I'm gonna ask about bringing a Kayak in there even though it says Belly Boats only. Given the water clarity, the amount of Catfish and Carp, and the close proximity to parking areas, I won't fish there too many times this season.
 Reply by: OCwalleye      Posted: 7/9/2012 11:20:56 AM     Points: 214
You never now. Haha I have caught them on a wolley bugger fly fishing!!!!
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