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Lake: Haviland Lake

Best place for kids to catch a FISH

Post By: StJohn Fish      Posted: 7/5/2012 5:28:10 PM     Points: 30    
In the Durango area which is the best location for our two kids to catch a fish from the shore. Now, being an very inexperienced fisherwoman but a mother of two who are wanting to experience the fishing outdoors, any suggestions would be helpful.
We took them to Mancos State Park, what a nice quiet & muddy park this morning. My daughter loved catching the small perch, but my son wants to catch "The Fish" he has been waiting for.

 Reply by: FireFish      Posted: 7/5/2012 6:10:13 PM     Points: 113
Thats going to be tricky! There are plenty of big fish around these parts, however, catching them is quite a job. The animas river through town has been fishing well lately. Find any pocket of water that is relatively deep and you should find some larger fish! Outside of that the reservoirs locally ALL produce bruisers! I might try vallecito reservoir at the far north east end near the inlet. I've landed some HOGS around there. Use powerbait or spinners or spoons at any of these places.

Best of luck to you and your young fishermen!!!!

 Reply by: Ukoolele      Posted: 7/5/2012 7:04:42 PM     Points: 57
StJohn Fish...

I'm just starting to make fishing lures more than a hobby because I'm trying to start up a small business so that I can eventually afford to patent a lure invention. Right now I mostly make in-line spinning lures, but for kids starting off it's about the most productive lure you can throw on their lines.

When I was a little boy I had a guy really support me by giving me some advice on where to cast and he threw one of his lures on my line and said it was mine to keep. I remember thinking it was SO COOL to have my OWN lure. :-)

Anyway, I can't help point them towards where to fish because I don't know your area, but I'd be happy to send out a couple of hand made lures, free of charge, to support your children's interest in the sport and hobby.

It will take me a week or so because I'm just about to leave for vacation, but when I get back it would be my pleasure to send a special treat their way.

Just send a note to and we can work out the details. (Note: I'm using my personal email here because I don't want anybody to think this is advertising. It's just a gift for some kids getting into the sport.)
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