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Lake: Walden Ponds

Sawhill and Waldon Ponds

Post By: spicyhombre      Posted: 6/5/2012 3:23:12 PM     Points: 6156    

Has anyone fIshed these ponds lately? wondering what the conditions are as I haven't been in months.
 Reply by: spicyhombre      Posted: 6/6/2012 12:25:17 AM     Points: 6156    
Went for an hour tonight to check it out. Water levels going down and very weedy. Did see very large LM Bass cruising shore and several Carp. Very windy tonight so hard to cast into the target areas. Didn't have any luck.
 Reply by: djdkmode      Posted: 7/10/2012 9:19:35 PM     Points: 241    
The pond named "Bass Pond" can produce some fish in the 1lb-2lb range on average. It seems to be over populated with Bass. Its loaded with underwater structure, so losign a few lures is pretty typical. I enjoy fishing there but only that one pond. The growth in all of those ponds is nuts and you can't use a belly boat or kayak to get back in there and find honey holes. Its worth a try if you haven't already. I recommend dark colored plastics due to the water clarity. I've caught Bass outta there in literally black water. Good luck-