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Chambers Lake?

Post By: EricCO      Posted: 10/26/2006 9:50:45 AM     Points: 272    
Does anyone know if it is frozen or can I still shore fish? How deep is the snow up there?

I want to head up Sunday to see if the Macs are up shallow, but would hate to drive up there and finde conditions aren't favorable.
 Reply by: Matt      Posted: 10/26/2006 12:43:17 PM     Points: 45296    
I don't have any good info on the lake. Reports are that there might be skim ice, the last condition on the boat ramp is that it's unusable (water level low), the campground is closed, and the only way to get to it is to walk from Larime River Road Road. The roads are messy and it doesn't seem that there is an abundance of snow...although with the precip last night I'll bet there's quite a bit more. Areas around redfeather got 10 inches or so.
 Reply by: EricCO      Posted: 10/26/2006 2:40:54 PM     Points: 272    
Thanks Matt. I've got a good friend that has finally agreed to go fishing. Since we're both in Northern Colorado I figured we'd head up the poudre canyon.

You seem really knowledgeable aboput the area. So be patient while I pick your brain.

We plan on going to Chambers to see if we can even fish it. How far of a walk will it be from that Larimie Road you speak of? Is that also the HWY 103 that shows on Mapquest?

If that's unfishable then where should we try next?

I'm trying to find a "pre ice" bite of some sort for the guy.

In advance, thanks for your help.
 Reply by: Matt      Posted: 10/26/2006 6:00:51 PM     Points: 45296    
It's not a long walk at all... the road runs pretty close to the reservoir in a couple places. I haven't fished it in a long time. But yes, I believe the road is labeled as CR-103. And to correct my spelling, it is Laramie River Road. Heads north up into Wyoming.

If I were driving up that way I'd be going to the Delaney Buttes. Not sure what you're in for, but the fall trout fishing there is great. Give the guys at North Park Anglers a call - [log in for link]