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Fish: Tiger Muskie

Tiger Musky Fly Fishing Questions ?

Post By: Dustin      Posted: 7/22/2007 9:41:35 PM     Points: 722    
Thinking about trying some tiger musky fly fishing this season, and have a few questions: what size fly rod, what kind of line and leaders, what kind of flies, and how to fish them. Any help would be great, thanks !
 Reply by: Matt      Posted: 7/22/2007 11:53:30 PM     Points: 95619
Lots of stuff to cover. I am in the process of piecing together a summer of information on fly fishing for tigers. Although I've been doing it a long time I've not done so seriously. I mostly fish structure and somewhat deep, so I'm not your typical walk-the-shoreline looking for tigers/pike fly-fisherman. I am more so emulating what I do with conventional tackle.

Therefore, I suggest 150-300 grain sink-tip lines that you can shoot far and quickly to cover a lot of water. I'll use 6-8wt rods. I tie on 12-24 inches of 15-20 pound tie-able wire leader such as Toothy Critter as my tippet, looped to 20-40 pound test butt. I mostly fish large profile flies, but have even thrown smaller clousers believing that they might just not be as greedy as you think. Flies with some flash to them help. You could also go with big deer-hair divers and bunny flies. The former definitely make more noise in the water. If you do want to walk the shore looking for fish, a floating or intermediate line may be your best bet to place soft casts and present your offering in shallow water.

Present flies erratically and change your retrieves often. Tuck your rod under your arm and double-strip for ultra-fast retrieves, do some strip-strip-pause retrieves, and everything in between. Look for following fish and be ready to strip your fly to the lead guide and figure-eight a following fish...but I wouldn't hassle with doing it every cast...too much work.

Most important thing - be in the right place at the right time. If you can figure out when and where that is then you're better than most. Best way to improve your odds is to keep at it!
 Reply by: Dustin      Posted: 7/25/2007 11:18:32 PM     Points: 722
thanks for the help matt !
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