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Lake: Horsetooth Reservoir

Horsetooth water levels

Post By: Matt      Posted: 7/19/2007 8:51:25 PM     Points: 95619    
From Kara Lamb of the Bureau of Reclamation:
Some of you might have noticed the drop in water elevations from last week, through last weekend. As you probably already guessed, the hot temperatures brought out the water demands.

On Monday, we started matching the outflow from Horsetooth with a bumped up inflow. Our goal is to maintain the current water level elevation of 5400 for a while, at least through the end of this month. So, if you're planning on visiting the reservoir this weekend or sooner, we are comfortably sitting at the 5400 elevation.
 Reply by: HAZZBENZ      Posted: 7/24/2007 5:35:20 PM     Points: 23
Hooray for you guys !!!

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