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Lake: Granby Lake
Fish: Rainbow Trout
33rd Annual 3 Lakes Ice Fishing Contest

Sunset point

Post By: s04029      Posted: 10/22/2006 6:27:39 AM     Points: 36    
Sunset point is doing very well, Castmasters and crocs in siliver. no real size just alote a fun! also seen alote of big fish just along the shoreline,They looked like macks. If any buddy knows what the macks are hitting on let me know. thanks
 Reply by: Matt      Posted: 10/22/2006 1:14:09 PM     Points: 45296    
Thanks for the info - can you get a boat in there OK still?
 Reply by: s04029      Posted: 10/22/2006 1:35:40 PM     Points: 36    
matt, I dont know were they are getting there boats in at but there where boats on the water. And they did very well!
 Reply by: Matt      Posted: 10/22/2006 1:58:31 PM     Points: 45296    
I also noticed that Granby water levels are going up due to the draw-down of Shadow mountain. Looks like Grand Lake will remain full through the use of a stop log barrier.

I'll bet there's some interesting fishing going on there now with this water movement. And it'll be a good time to see some structure of Shadow Mountain while the water is down.
 Reply by: Matt      Posted: 10/22/2006 2:01:43 PM     Points: 45296    
Speaking of water levels moving, anyone that can keep me up to date on the water levels and lake conditions, I'd really appreciate it. Looks like some skim ice starting to form on some of the Forest Service photos. Is ice forming?