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Fish: Freshwater Drum

Anyone eat Drum?

Post By: c.c.cupcake      Posted: 9/13/2011 2:47:48 PM     Points: 173    
I've never eaten Drum...any info would be appreciated.

Everyone couldn't keep them off the line at Jackson Lake. Didn't see anyone keeping any though.
 Reply by: cookster      Posted: 9/13/2011 3:00:40 PM     Points: 63887    
My buddy eats them and said you couldnt tell the diffents between then and walleye. The meat is as white as it gets. but i personally have never tried one and will never try one. JMO
 Reply by: Chickadee      Posted: 9/13/2011 3:00:41 PM     Points: 371    
Lots of people consider them trash fish. Lots of other people consider them very good eating. I caught a couple at Bonny this Spring and kept them. I baked one, and it was quite good. From what I've read the objection people have is that they can be tough/chewy when fried. A gentler cooking method seems to be the key.
 Reply by: Fiddler1986      Posted: 9/13/2011 3:05:42 PM     Points: 9949    
They are pretty good to eat. When you clean them they have a strange smell, but they don't have a fishy flavor at all.
 Reply by: tyee30      Posted: 9/13/2011 3:57:06 PM     Points: 169    
Tastes like chicken!
 Reply by: cookster      Posted: 9/13/2011 3:58:59 PM     Points: 63887    
Don't smell like chicken.
 Reply by: Flyrodn      Posted: 9/13/2011 4:32:41 PM     Points: 184621    
Drum are excellent eating, as are most warm water game species.

They are the only drum to live in fresh water and are part of a very large family of game fish which includes red drum, weakfish, white bass (salt water), black bass (saltwater), croaker, corbina, and sea trout to name just a few.