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River: Colorado River Glenwood Canyon

colorado river update please???

Post By: thisbudsforU      Posted: 8/7/2011 8:46:56 AM     Points: 64    
has any fished or driven by it. lately. is it fishable or is it still running to red to fish
 Reply by: Flyrodn      Posted: 8/7/2011 9:37:52 PM     Points: 184621    
I'll be over that way next weekend. Hopefully, someone will post an update.
 Reply by: Rip Lip      Posted: 8/7/2011 9:56:59 PM     Points: 138    
The Rado pretty much everywhere has been on fire the past few weeks. Heavy afternoon storms can chalk it up quick depending on what section, but the fishing as of late has been really good. Lots of different bugs, hardware, whatever. Clarity is good.
 Reply by: thisbudsforU      Posted: 8/8/2011 7:07:22 AM     Points: 64    
thanks for the info, i want to take my son there befor he as to go back to school. i live in denver and like to fish silt to glenwood. i hardly ever see any other fishermen and have caught quite a few really nice fish.