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Lake: Big Creek Lake(lower)
Fish: Tiger Muskie

Wildlife active, Muskie not

Post By: Matt      Posted: 9/1/2006 7:27:21 PM     Points: 41792    
Fished Big Creek Lake Thursday from late morning until dark. Wind was slightly heavy at times then died down in the evening. The water temps were prime and the wildlife viewing abundant. We had lunch about 100 feet from a perched bald eagle who didn't mind our company one bit, boated right next to a bull moose on the bank, and watched ospreys dive-bombing trout 50 yards from us. And as always, the lake threw all sorts of weather at us.

Great day for muskie fishing, right? Turns out it was quite typical. We saw a few big muskie swirls on the water and trout flying out of harms way, had a couple of lazy follows, and drifted over one careless tiger in 5 feet of water. But we had no takers.

I believe more and more that muskie fishing in this region is hit or miss on any given day. Spend 10 straight days on a lake and one or two of those days will be fantastic. On the others you are going to have to just keep casting to find those few lone hungry beasts.