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Forum now has photos

Post By: Matt      Posted: 8/19/2006 5:49:37 PM     Points: 42036    
You can now add photos to your forum posts. No tricky stuff, just click on one of the photo browse buttons below the text box when you are making a post. Choose the photo on your computer and when you click the "Submit" button the photo(s) will be uploaded with your post.

Please note: There is a 2MB per photo limit. But, if your upstream connection is not fast enough, you may get a timeout error with larger files such as this. You may need to resize your photos to make them smaller. We will resize them anyway, down to 600px wide, so shrinking them down ahead of time will not hurt the quality.

Give it a shot!

PS - I have also incorporated an automatic hyperlink system, so if you paste a URL such as [log in for link] View lakes needing updates...