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Lake: Boyd Lake
Fish: White Bass

Boyd is hot

Post By: Flyrodn      Posted: 5/16/2007 10:11:47 PM     Points: 184622    
They are filling Boyd and all three inlets are running lots of water. These areas are attracting large numbers of white bass, crappie, largemouth and I heard of a few smallmouth. The action is unbelievable. Being a fly fisher I threw small streamers 2-3 inches in size, all colors/patterns tried produced. At times it seemed like a fish every cast, and I doubt I went more then 3-5 cast without a fish, and had frequent doubles.

Its funny, I saw a couple of bait fishers never get a strike. I really think the fish are aggressive right now and are looking for movement. So give it to them. This action should hold for a while, but once the reservoir fills this action will go away.
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