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Lake: Boyd Lake
Fish: Largemouth Bass

Avoided that skunk at Boyd

Post By: RonnyCast      Posted: 5/15/2007 11:28:35 PM     Points: 2307    
Few nights back we went and fished Boyd. We started off down bye the outlet and fishing from the shore rather then the boat. Fishing was slow. It seemed like there were some white bass about as well as some crappie but I was really looking for largemouth. Got no action and fished my way north to the canal that runs over to the little lake. My usual fishing partner wasnít having much luck either but he did manage one nice white bass on a surface lure. We started fishing the cannel and to me this seemed like a likely spot to locate a few bass. Surprisingly we were getting no action. Not one to rub it in my buddy walked by a let out one of those I smell a little skunk one you comments. Not too often heís on that side of it when we fish, but every now and then. Working our way up the canal we had finally made it to the last deep water. From this point up its more of a rocky shallow stream rather then a deep cannel. Figured I was S.O.L. But I had an idea I would try my old trusty dusty secret weapon. A little lure that so far this year has been killing the trout. Itís a small lure that one canít cast very far so it doesnít usually make it out for bass unless we are one the boat to be trolled or in streams. But in this cannel casting any distance was not needed. Something small that would dive 6 to 8 feet very fast was what I wanted and this lure fits the bill. We make our way to this last pool and no action. Well until I made my forth cast in and slide this lure off the shallow rock ledge into the deep. A big rolling flash fallowed bye a hard hit I was hooked up on what felt like a hog. Not much area down there to run she still managed a good fight. It ended up being a nice large mouth that was making a little home up in there happy as could be. Around 17 inches and close to two pounds she was my salvation from a horrible fate. The dreaded skunk. This is not something we wish on anyone. Sweated that fish is what I will say at the poker table on Thursday. Go look for her, I would bet she is still living up in there feeding and getting ready to spawn so please let her go if you happen to make it her way. Good luck..

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