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Lake: Pinewood Reservoir
Fish: Tiger Muskie

Pinewood low

Post By: Matt      Posted: 7/15/2006 11:41:42 PM     Points: 42036    
Lake is very low now, estimating about 8 feet low. Would be risky to put a trailered boat in, but if you do so successfully let us know! However we wouldn't recommend trying!

Casted the shore near the outlet for a half hour-45 minutes. First cast got a 20 inch muskie on a squirley Jake. Brian had a hit at shore a bit later from a small muskie. Trout started to rise in this area when the wind died down and they stopped sucking water out.

Now is a good time to go and see the structure of the lake in the outlet area.
 Reply by: monkies_butt      Posted: 7/17/2006 10:01:57 AM     Points: 76    

Whats everyone using out there for them Muskies.. Gotta get me one. How was the weather out there.?

 Reply by: Matt      Posted: 7/17/2006 10:28:10 AM     Points: 42036    
We were just trying out some new baits we got for our trip to Canada coming up this week. I threw on the bait I was most excited about first, a 6" silver holoform Squirley Jake. Casted it out, worked it really slow with small sharp twitches. When it got within 10 feet of the bank I let it float to the surface so I could see how fast it rose. Then Wham! It was a young fish, but colorful and ferrocious.

Small baits seem to be the selection of most muskie fishermen in Colorado. We've taken muskies on big Suicks, but have seen them taken on tiny rattle traps. And apparently more muskies are taken by trout fishermen on powerbait more than anything else. Of course there are statistically more people fishing this stuff than big muskie baits, but it goes to show you that muskie fishing is odd.