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Fish: Northern Pike

Should I go to Spinney or Eleven Mile on Sunday?

Post By: pikepro      Posted: 4/19/2007 9:40:15 PM     Points: 199    
I am planning on fishing this Sunday (Apr 22)...I am leaning toward 11 Mile. Does anyone have any updates? In the past, I have been skunked fishing these lakes in spring. I am a run-and-gun fisherman...looking in the shallow bays, site fishing for Trout and Pike. The fish sure seem to be sparse in the shallows at this time of year...with no vegitation for the fish to cruise around in. I always have Spinney on my mind...after that day when I caught one 29'' Rainbow and two 27'' Rainbows. The water temp is also a factor, Pike are the most active when water temp in the shallows is in the 60's. Water temp around town is only in the 50's at this point. I may just do some Bass fishin in town.
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 Reply by: ePiC      Posted: 4/20/2007 5:41:16 AM     Points: 494
If you mostly want to target pike, go to 11mile, seems the pike fishing at Spinney hasnt picked up yet from the guys I've talked to... but the trout fishing there has been very good, so if you want to target trout I'd hit Spinney.

Luckily they are so close that you can hit them both.
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