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Fish: Northern Pike

RMA 4-15-07 (pike)

Post By: ePiC      Posted: 4/16/2007 10:08:00 AM     Points: 494    
I hit up the Rocky Mountain Arsenal opener on Sunday (4-15-07). The pike fishing was on fire pretty much all the other fishing was very slow. But who really cares if the other fishing was slow when the pike are biting. LOL. I was using a silver renegade to start off with, anything with rattles and makes alot of noise was hauling them in. Then the bite died so I switched over to a yum crawbug, kind of trying for bass but the pike started hitting it as well. I love those crawbugs.
Since the pictures are kind of large, better not to host them on this site: Please click to view.
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I think the majority of them where around 24 inches... I didnt measure any of them and Im horrible at guessing legnths. There were a few bigger ones maybe coming close to 30" but I wouldnt say to much bigger then that.
 Reply by: senatordan      Posted: 4/16/2007 5:29:40 PM     Points: 69
I want to back up ePic, but first I want to tell feeweasel some addl. info about the Arsenal. It is all catch/release, artificial lures/flies only, and all barbed hooks must be crimped down. There is also a half-hour orientation you are required to attend. Read up on the regs before you go, beacuse the Arsenal is patrolled and regulated heavily.
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