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Lake: Lon Hagler Reservoir


Post By: Eman      Posted: 4/13/2007 11:35:36 AM     Points: 30    
Went out to the inlet and only landed one 2lbs lrg mouth and only had a few strikes.
But i did pick up ALOT OF FRIGGEN TRASH people need to brung there moms with them to clean for them. but i found a frizzbee and 2 lures kinda nice.
 Reply by: PoPoJiJo      Posted: 4/13/2007 12:04:59 PM     Points: 86
Yeah the trash thing is getting out of hand, I always spend time after I'm done fishing picking up the surronding area and its disgusting. It's to the point were I think that people should have to take an outdoorsman class before they can get there license , and have to take a refresher every 3 years. Not that it would probably do anything
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