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Colorado Fish Species

Arctic Char
Arctic Grayling
Black Bullhead
Black Crappie
Blue Catfish
Bluehead sucker
Bonytail Chub
Brook Trout
Brown Trout
Channel Catfish
Colorado Pikeminnow
Colorado River Cutthroat
Common Carp
Creek Chub
Cutbow Trout
Cutthroat Trout
Emerald Shiner
Flannelmouth Sucker
Flathead Catfish
Flathead Chub
Freshwater Drum
Gizzard Shad
Golden Shiner
Golden Trout
Grass Carp
Green Sunfish
Greenback Cutthroat
Hybrid Striped Bass(wiper/palmetto)
Lake Chub
Lake Trout
Largemouth Bass
Longnose Sucker
Mountain Whitefish
Northern Pike
Orangespotted Sunfish
Rainbow Trout
Redear Sunfish
River Carpsucker
Roundtail Chub
Sacramento Perch
Smallmouth Bass
Snake River Cutthroat
Spottail Shiner
Spotted Bass
Striped Bass
Sunfish (Bream)
Tiger Muskie
Tiger Trout
White Bass
White Crappie
White Sucker
Yellow Bullhead
Yellow Perch
Yellowstone Cutthroat

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FishExplorer Lakes with Cutthroat Trout
Abyss Lake
Alberta Park Reservoir
Antero Reservoir
Arapahoe Lakes - JPWA
Atkinson Reservoir
Lake Avery (Big Beaver Reservoir)
Banana Lake - IPWA
Barker Reservoir
Barnes Meadow Reservoir
Beartrack Lakes
Beaver Lake
Betty Lake - IPWA
Big Creek Reservoir #1 [Grand Mesa]
Big Meadows Reservoir
Blue Lakes - IPWA
Bob Lake - IPWA
Bonham Reservoir
Brush Hollow Reservoir
Butts Lake
Carter Lake
Cedar Mesa Reservoir
Chicago Lakes
Chinn's Lake
Clayton Lake - JPWA
Clear Creek Reservoir
Comanche Lake
Comanche Reservoir
Coney Lakes - IPWA
Cottonwood Lake #1 (Grand Mesa)
Cottonwood Lake (Buena Vista)
Crater Lakes - JPWA
Crystal Lakes
Deep Lake - IPWA
Devil's Thumb Lake - IPWA
Diamond Lake - IPWA
Dome Lakes
Dowdy Lake
East Delaney
Eleven Mile Reservoir
Lake Envy - IPWA
Ethel Lake
Fall River Reservoir
Fay Lake, Lower - RMNP
Forty Acre Lake
Frantz Lake SWA
Freeman Reservoir
Frozen Lake
Georgetown Lake
Green Mountain Reservoir
Groundhog Reservoir
Gypsum Ponds
Heart Lake - JPWA
Hohnholz Lake #3
Homestake Reservoir
Ice Lake
Iceberg Lakes - JPWA
Idaho Springs Reservoir
Lake Isabelle - IPWA
Island Lake (Grand Mesa)
James Peak Lake
Jasper Lake - IPWA
Jefferson Lake
Joe Wright Reservoir
Lake John
Kidney Lake
King Lake - IPWA
Laramie Lake
Little Gem Reservoir
Long Lake - IPWA
Long Draw Reservoir
Lost Lake (Grand Mesa, Mesa Creek)
Lost Lake - JPWA
Mason Reservoir
McReynolds Reservoir
Meadow Creek Reservoir
Mesa Lake
Miramonte Reservoir (Dan Noble SWA)
Mitchell Lakes - IPWA
Monument Lake (El Paso County)
Moraine Lake - IPWA
Mount Elbert Forebay
Mountain Home Reservoir
Murray Lake
Narraguinnep Reservoir
Nottingham Lake
Parvin Lake
Pearl Lake
Pinewood Reservoir
Pony Lake - IPWA
Prospect Lake (Colorado Springs)
Rainbow Lakes - IPWA
Red Deer Lake - IPWA
Rim Rock Lake (Reservoir)
Rogers Peak Lakes (Rogers Pass) - JPWA
Roosevelt Lakes
Rosemont Reservoir
Sands Lake SWA
Shadow Mountain Reservoir
Shelf Lake
Silver Lake (Grand Mesa)
Silver Dollar Lake
Silver Jack Reservoir
Skaguay Reservoir
Skyscraper Reservoir - IPWA
Slack-Weiss Reservoir
South Delaney
Spring Lake
Standley Lake
Steamboat Lake
Storm Lake - IPWA
Summit Lake
Sylvan Lake
Tarryall Reservoir
Taylor Park Reservoir
Teal Lake
Thunder Lake - RMNP
Timber Lake - RMNP
Trap Lake
Trujillo Meadows Lake
Turquoise Lake
Twin Lakes
Upper Diamond Lake - IPWA
Upper Reservoir - Palmer Lake
Urad Reservoir - Upper
Vega Reservoir
Ward Creek Reservoir
Williams Creek Reservoir
Willow Creek Reservoir
Wolford Mountain Reservoir
Woodland Lake - IPWA
Woods Lake
Youngs Creek Reservoir
FishExplorer Rivers with Cutthroat Trout
Animas River, Durango
Arkansas River Headwaters
Arkansas River Lower
Beaver Creek
Blue River (Below Dillon Res)
Blue River (Below Green Mtn Res)
Cache La Poudre River (Upper Canyon)
Cache La Poudre River - RMNP
Clear Creek
Colorado River Byers Canyon to Kremmling
Colorado River Glenwood Canyon
Colorado River Granby to Byers Canyon
Colorado River Pumphouse to Dotsero
Coney Creek - IPWA
Eagle River (Lower)
Eagle River (Upper)
East Rifle Creek
Fall River - RMNP
Frying Pan River
Gunnison River (Upper)
Hague Creek - RMNP
Jasper Creek - Lower & South Fork- IPWA
Jasper Creek - Upper - IPWA
Lake Fork of the Gunnison River
Middle Boulder Creek - North Fork - IPWA
Middle Boulder Creek - South Fork - IPWA
Middle Saint Vrain Creek - IPWA
Mitchell Creek (below Mitchell Lake) - IPWA
Mummy Pass Creek - RMNP
North Saint Vrain - RMNP
Roaring Fork River - Upper
Roaring Fork River - Lower
Roaring Fork River - Middle
San Juan River
South Boulder Creek - Gross Reservoir to US 36
South Boulder Creek - Headwaters to Moffat Tunnel
South Boulder Creek - Moffet Tunnel to Rollinsville
South Boulder Creek - Rollinsville to Gross Reservoir
South Platte - Dream Stream
South Saint Vrain Creek (below Long Lake) - IPWA
South Saint Vrain Creek (between Long Lake and Lake Isabelle) - IPWA
South Saint Vrain Creek (East of Brainard Lake)
Timber Creek - RMNP
Tonahutu Creek - RMNP
Willow Creek - RMNP
Yampa River - Steamboat to Hayden
Only lakes in the Fish Explorer database are included in this listing. Lakes we feature on this website are hyperlinked.
Cutthroat Trout
Cutthroat trout encompass large group of related salmonoids that populated most of the western United States.  Some of the better known species include the Bonneville, Lahontan,  Rio Grande, Colorado River, Snake River, Greenback, and Yellowstone to name a few. Due to a large number of factors, including introduction of “exotic” species and habitat degradation, many cutthroat species today are in danger of being lost, and even some populations that are healthy have been genetically degraded due to stockings of rainbows and other cutthroat species.
As the name implies, the bright reddish-orange slash on the throat is a major distinguishing mark of these numerous species.  Many of the species are so similar morphologically that only expects are able to tell them apart and even then sometime genetic testing is necessary to conclusively differentiate between them.
Cutthroat trout inhabit relatively clear, cold streams, rivers, and lakes.  Their preferred temperatures range from 40 to 60 degrees.  These spring spawners typically build their redds in gravel riffles after the river flow have abated. 
 Intensive harvest by anglers has affected the abundance and size structure of most species.  This is in part a result for the readiness of cutthroat to take a fly or lure, making them rather popular with anglers.

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