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Colorado Fish Species

Arctic Char
Arctic Grayling
Black Bullhead
Black Crappie
Blue Catfish
Bluehead sucker
Bonytail Chub
Brook Trout
Brown Trout
Channel Catfish
Colorado Pikeminnow
Colorado River Cutthroat
Common Carp
Creek Chub
Cutbow Trout
Cutthroat Trout
Emerald Shiner
Flannelmouth Sucker
Flathead Catfish
Flathead Chub
Freshwater Drum
Gizzard Shad
Golden Shiner
Golden Trout
Grass Carp
Green Sunfish
Greenback Cutthroat
Hybrid Striped Bass(wiper/palmetto)
Lake Chub
Lake Trout
Largemouth Bass
Longnose Sucker
Mountain Whitefish
Northern Pike
Orangespotted Sunfish
Rainbow Trout
Redear Sunfish
River Carpsucker
Roundtail Chub
Sacramento Perch
Smallmouth Bass
Snake River Cutthroat
Spottail Shiner
Spotted Bass
Striped Bass
Sunfish (Bream)
Tiger Muskie
Tiger Trout
White Bass
White Crappie
White Sucker
Yellow Bullhead
Yellow Perch
Yellowstone Cutthroat

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FishExplorer Lakes with Rainbow Trout
Abyss Lake
Adams County Fairground Lakes
Alexander Lake
Allen Park Lake
Andrews Lake SWA
Antero Reservoir
Anticline Pond
Arvada Reservoir
Atkinson Reservoir
Aurora Reservoir
Lake Avery (Big Beaver Reservoir)
Barker Reservoir
Barnes Meadow Reservoir
Baron Lake
Barr Lake
Bear Creek Lake
Beaver Creek Reservoir
Beaver Lake
Beaver Lake SWA (Marble)
Lake Beckwith
Bellaire Lake
Big Creek Lake(lower)
Big Creek Lake(upper)
Big Creek Reservoir #1 [Grand Mesa]
Big Creek Reservoir (UNF)
Big Meadows Reservoir
Black Lakes (Vail)
Blue Mesa Reservoir
Bonham Reservoir
Boulder Reservoir
Boyd Lake
Brighton City Park Lake
Brown Lakes SWA
Browns Lake
Brush Hollow Reservoir
Carter Lake
Casey's Pond
Catamount Reservoir North
Catamount Reservoir South
Centennial Park Lake
Central City Park Pond
Chalk Lake
Chambers Lake
Chatfield Reservoir
Cheesman Reservoir
Cherry Creek Reservoir
City Park Lake (Denver)
Clear Creek Reservoir
Cobbett (Carp) Lake
Confluence Lake
Continental Reservoir
Copeland Lake - RMNP
Cottonwood Lake #1 (Grand Mesa)
Cottonwood Lake (Buena Vista)
Cowdrey Lake
Craig City Ponds
Craig Justice Center Ponds
Crater Lakes - JPWA
Crawford Reservoir
Crystal Creek Reservoir
Crystal Lakes
Curtain Ponds
Daigre and Wahatoya Lake
De Camp Reservoir
Deep Lake
DePoorter Lake
DeWeese Reservoir
Dillon Reservoir
Dome Lakes
Doty Park Pond
Douglas Reservoir
Dowdy Lake
East Delaney
Eastman Park
Echo Canyon Reservoir
Echo Lake
Eggleston Lake
Ehrlich Lake
Eleven Mile Reservoir
Elkhead Reservoir
Erie Lake
Estes Lake
Evergreen Lake
Fall River Reservoir
Fetcher Park
Flatiron Reservoir
Fountain Creek Reg Park Ponds
Frantz Lake SWA
Garfield Lake
Gateway Pond
Georgetown Lake
Glacier Springs Retention Pond (Grand Mesa)
Golden Gate Canyon State Park
Granby Lake
Grand Lake
Grandview Ponds
Green Mountain Reservoir
Gross Reservoir
Groundhog Reservoir
Gypsum Ponds
Harper Lake
Harvey Gap Reservoir
Harvey Park Lake - Riviera - Ward #5
Hasty Lake
Haviland Lake
Hayden Meadows Reservoir
Hine Lake
Hohnholz Lake #2
Hohnholz Lake #3
Home Lake
Homestake Reservoir
Horseshoe Reservoir (Lathrop SP)
Horsetooth Reservoir
Hotel Twin Lake
Hudson Fishing Pond
Hugo SWA Ponds
Idaho Springs Reservoir
Lake Irwin
Lake Isabel
Lake Isabelle - IPWA
Island Lake (Grand Mesa)
Jackson Gulch Reservoir
Jackson Lake
Jefferson Lake
Jenny Lake - IPWA
Jewel Lake - RMNP
Jim Baker Reservoir
Joe Moore Reservoir
Joe Wright Reservoir
Lake John
Johnstown Reservoir
Jumbo Annex (Red Lion SWA)
Jumbo Reservoir (Grand Mesa)
Jumbo Reservoir (Julesburg)
Juniata Reservoir
Kenney Reservoir
Kidney Lake
Kinney Lake SWA
Lemon Reservoir
Lon Hagler Reservoir
Loomiller Park Pond
Lost Lake (Cameron Pass)
Lake Loveland
Loveland Service Center Pond
Lower Cataract Lake
Mack Mesa Lake
Main Reservoir
Manitou Lake
Martin Lake
Marys Lake
McCall Lake
McDonough Reservoir
McPhee Reservoir
Mead Ponds
Meadow Creek Reservoir
Mesa Lake
Mike Higbee SWA (Clay Creek Pond)
Milavec Reservoir
Mills Lake - RMNP
Lake Minnequa
Miramonte Reservoir (Dan Noble SWA)
Mirror Lake (Almont)
Monarch Lake
Montgomery Reservoir
Monument Lake (El Paso County)
Moraine Lake - IPWA
Mount Elbert Forebay
Mountain Home Reservoir
Narraguinnep Reservoir
Navajo Reservoir
Needle Creek Reservoir
Neversweat Reservoir
North Delaney
North Lake
North Michigan Reservoir
North Shields Ponds
North Sterling Reservoir
Nottingham Lake
O'Haver Lake
Officers Gulch Pond
Ordway Reservoir
Palmer Lake
Paonia Reservoir
Parvin Lake
Pastorius Reservoir
Pearl Lake
Pikeview Reservoir
Pine Valley Ranch Pond
Pinewood Reservoir
Platoro Reservoir
Porter Reservoir #1
Poudre Ponds
Prewitt Reservoir
Prospect Lake (Colorado Springs)
Prospect Park Lakes (Wheatridge)
Pueblo Reservoir
Quail Lake
Quincy Reservoir
Rainbow Lake
Rainbow Lakes - IPWA
Ralph Price Reservoir (Button Rock)
Rampart Reservoir
Ranger Lakes
Red Rock Lake - IPWA
Redstone Park Pond
Ridgway Reservoir
Rifle Gap Reservoir
Rim Rock Lake (Reservoir)
Rito Hondo Reservoir
River's Edge and Jayhawker Ponds
Riverside Ponds (Mt. Ouray SWA)
Road Canyon Reservoir
Roberts Lake
Rocky Mountain Lake
Rosemont Reservoir
Ruedi Reservoir
Runyon-Fountain Lakes
Lake San Cristobal
San Luis Lake (SWA)
Sands Lake SWA
Seaman Reservoir
Seymour Lake
Shadow Mountain Reservoir
Sheldon Lake (City Park)
Silver Jack Reservoir
Skaguay Reservoir
Slack-Weiss Reservoir
Sloan Lake
Smith Lake (Lar. Cty.) (Boxelder #3)
Smith Lake - Washington Park
Smith Reservoir (Costilla Cty)
Soda Lakes
South Delaney
Spinney Mountain Reservoir
Sprague Lake - RMNP
Spratt-Platte Lake
Spring Creek Reservoir
St. Vrain State Park (Barbour Ponds)
Stabilization Reservoir
Stagecoach Reservoir
Stalker Lake
Standley Lake
Staunton State Park Ponds
Steamboat Lake
Summit Reservoir
Sunset Lake
Sylvan Lake
Tamarack Ranch Pond
Tarryall Reservoir
Taylor Park Reservoir
Teal Lake
Thomas Reservoir
Thornton Gravel Ponds #2 & #3
Thurston Reservoir
Tiago Lake
Tom Frost Reservoir
Trap Lake
Trickle Park Reservoir
Trinidad Reservoir
Trujillo Meadows Lake
Turquoise Lake
Twin Lakes
Two Buttes Reservoir
Union Reservoir
Upper Cataract Lake
Urad Reservoir - Upper
Vallecito Reservoir
Vega Reservoir
Vela Reservoir
Viele Lake
Walden Ponds
Waneka Lake
Ward Creek Reservoir
Ward Lake
Water Dog Reservoir
Watson Lake
Webster Lake
Weir & Johnson Reservoir
Wellington Lake
West Lake (GJ)
West Lake
Westminster City Park Pond
Williams Creek Reservoir
Williams Fork Reservoir
Willow Creek Reservoir
Windsor Lake
Wolford Mountain Reservoir
Woods Lake
Yamcolo Reservoir
Youngs Creek Reservoir
FishExplorer Rivers with Rainbow Trout
Animas River, Durango
Arapaho Creek - IPWA
Arkansas River Below Pueblo Reservoir
Arkansas River Headwaters
Arkansas River Lower
Bear Creek
Beaver Creek
Big Thompson River - Canyon
Big Thompson River - Loveland
Big Thompson River - RMNP
Blue River (Below Dillon Res)
Blue River (Below Green Mtn Res)
Boulder Creek - Fourmile Creek to US 36
Boulder Creek - North Boulder Creek to Fourmile Creek
Bowen Gulch (near Gaskil) - RMNP
Cache La Poudre River (Fort Collins Area)
Cache La Poudre River (Lower Canyon)
Cache La Poudre River (Upper Canyon)
Cache La Poudre River - North Fork (Below Seaman Res)
Cache La Poudre River - North Fork (Phantom Canyon to Eagles Nest)
Cascade Creek - IPWA
Clear Creek
Colorado River - Below Shadow Mountain
Colorado River - Palisade to Loma
Colorado River - RMNP - Kawuneeche to Headwaters
Colorado River Byers Canyon to Kremmling
Colorado River Glenwood Canyon
Colorado River Glenwood Spgs to Rifle
Colorado River Granby to Byers Canyon
Colorado River Pumphouse to Dotsero
Conejos River below Platoro
Crystal River
Eagle River (Lower)
Eagle River (Upper)
East Rifle Creek
Fall River - RMNP
Fraser River
Frying Pan River
Glacier Creek - RMNP
Gunnison River (Black Canyon)
Gunnison River (Upper)
Lake Fork of the Gunnison River
Meadow Creek - IPWA
Michigan River - Below Meadow Crk Res
Middle Boulder Creek - North Fork - IPWA
Middle Boulder Creek - South Fork - IPWA
Middle Saint Vrain Creek - IPWA
Rio Grande
Roaring Fork River - Upper
Roaring Fork River - IPWA
Roaring Fork River - Lower
Roaring Fork River - Middle
Roaring River - RMNP
Saint Vrain - Ralph Price Reservoir to Lyons
San Juan River
San Miguel
South Boulder Creek - Gross Reservoir to US 36
South Boulder Creek - Moffet Tunnel to Rollinsville
South Boulder Creek - Rollinsville to Gross Reservoir
South Platte - Cheesman Canyon
South Platte - Deckers
South Platte - Downtown Denver
South Platte - Dream Stream
South Platte - Eleven Mile Canyon
Taylor River
Uncompahgre River
Williams Fork River
Yampa River - Steamboat Springs
Yampa River - Steamboat to Hayden
Yampa River below Stagecoach Res
Only lakes in the Fish Explorer database are included in this listing. Lakes we feature on this website are hyperlinked.
Rainbow Trout

The rainbow trout is one of the most respected and sought after of all game fishes.  Rainbow trout have the typical streamlined salmonid form, although body shape and coloration vary widely. Color of the back varies from blue-green to olive, with a reddish-pink band along each side.  The belly is typically white and small black spots are present over the back, upper fins, and tail.
Adult rainbows usually seek out the shallow, gravel riffles in late winter, or early spring to spawn. Female use their tails to prepare redds where they deposit up to 8,000 eggs that are fertilized by a male, and covered with gravel.  Depending on water temperature incubation can take from a few weeks to months.  After hatching the fry assemble in groups and seek shelter along shore lines.
Opportunistic feeders, rainbows feed on variety of food items ranging from small insects to crayfish. Stream trout often feed heavily on terrestrial insects. Rocky streams produce a many aquatic invertebrates that are also fed upon. In lakes and streams crustaceans, snails, leeches, small fish, and fish eggs also serve as food.
Rainbows are popular with anglers for their willingness to take a large number of baits and lures.  Add that they are easily reared to catchable sizes; rainbows are stocked heavily in many states to offer recreational fishing opportunities for many.

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