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Tiger Muskie
Ahh the famed tiger muskie. A hybrid and sterile fish deriving from northern pike and muskellunge, this toothy monster has been introduced primarily for control of other species. This top-of-the-foodchain predator loves eating anything it can find. But true to normal fish behavior, it will key in on the easiest obtainable food and locate itself in the highest-probability location to obtain easy meals. The fish from our experience is spookier than muskie, not as dumb as pike, and is very well fed with the natural sources of food. This makes it a very difficult trophy to find, catch and land.

Tiger Muskie are sterile hybrids and do not reproduce. Proper landing and release are essential to the survival of tiger muskie. To ensure safety for yourself and these fish, carry long pliers with you. Large nets and cradles are encouraged if you intend to catch one. Handling the fish by hand can be dangerous, but to lift the fish out of the water briefly for a photograph, you'll need to do so. See this site for more information on handling muskie. When fishing for these fish, use line as heavy as you can muster to avoid break-offs. 80-pound braided is as thin as lighter mono and avoids many abrasion-related breaks.

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by natelov - Big Tiger Muskie caught 25 ft from shore on 5 year old tired 6 lb test line. no leader. lucky day at Big creek.took photos and released back to live on -) by Mattastrophy - by rodmans - by rodmans - by kfishing - by i like trout - Hit pinewood tonight cold front came through made everything slow and sluggish put on a bumble bee pattern on the fly rod and 3 cast later bamn 24" healthy boy slammed it.  Finally after three years and 9999 cast finally punched my muskie great night. by Perchpatrol - by marleemoo - by Swampy13 - by Big Creek Muskie - by westsloper - 26" tiger by Kev-o - Small tiger in the shallows by PlayerrTw0 - by PlayerrTw0 - 3rd cast using a crankbait. Casting parallel with the dock in only about 7 feet of water. Around 10 in the morning. by fargingicehole - 21" Tiger Muskie 8/07/15 by fargingicehole - 21" Tiger Muskie 8/07/15 by fargingicehole - 21" Tiger Muskie 8/07/15 by fargingicehole - 21" Tiger Muskie 8/07/15 by Mr. Fly Fisherman - by hubschrauber - My son`s 1st day ice fishing. I think it wasn`t only the fish that got hooked. by Kev-o - My nephews little tiger by SoCoAngler45 - by moosegoose - Tiger Trout! by jman - by soflyadventures - Another small one... by soflyadventures - These are tiny... These photos do this lake an injustice!!! by MileHighBass - HJ-10rt 42`` 29.4lbs smallest of the year by T-Dubs - Pretty bad when you can catch em on film but not with a pole! by CBrown - 20 lb 42 in by fishaholic - by Bass Commando - September 3rd 2008 Bass Commando by Mackhunter - 45" Tiger Musky released Fathers day weekend by adam11 - from a belly boat  6in worm by JOECO - 34" 14 lb caught on storm king minnow perch color. 7/2007
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