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Lakes with Hybrid Striped Bass(wiper/palmetto) on FishExplorer
Hybrid Striped Bass(wiper/palmetto)
Wipers are an aggressive, hard-fighting, punch-packing, schooling fish that love to corral baitfish and attack with vigor. You'll be able to see this "busting" behavior, which is common to its parent species, the striped and white bass, with baitfish jumping out of the water and wipers splashing. The schools move fast and in seemingly random fashion.  Wipers are sterile hybrids and do not reproduce, except potentially with the parent species.

Wipers are considered low-light fish, meaning they are most often found in the morning, evening and on cloudy days. Wiper fishing is not, by any means, limited to these times, it's just that they are harder to find when they are not active near the surface. Catching wipers on a fly is a lot of fun and very possible if you are in the right place at the right time.

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by da_teacher - by wax - by eholm - by RockyMountainFlyGuy - by Barnacles - by Matt - by rodmans - by JohnnyW - by The_Wiper_Sniper - by SGM - by 74starcraft - by dizzel - by Johnnymullitt - Wow what a fish. Fish this lake a lot and I`ve never seen one of these. I think it`s a big one. 4lb test on light gear. by TADA32 - by Flyrodn - by deadpoint07 - by snugs - Hits Like A Truck! 25 1/2 " 16" Girth Huge Fight On Ulra Light Tackle In Party Cove @12Ish Sat, June 21 2014 by SoCoAngler45 - by Sensimilla - Please catch and release the pinery is not stocking wiper anymore the last time was 2005 by Sensimilla - Awesome wiper in this lake. But please catch and release once they are gone the pinery is not re-stocking wiper!! by ibKroniK - Wiper. 25.5". 5.5. Lbs by SoCoAngler45 - Estimated 7 pounds 24 inches one of the three I caught that evening all averaging around 7 pounds by SoCoAngler45 - by SoCoAngler45 - by bluntmasta - 21-1/2" 6+lbs wiper bass caught 5/20/2012. by Bucks Lunkers - 5lbs of pure tail... by Bucks Lunkers - They do exist! by Bucks Lunkers - 20in Wiper by Burner6999 - by jman - by Geminity - I caught this wiper on 6-8-12 it was 21 inchs and 4 and 1/4 lbs by AFGav - This wiper was caught in 2011, on a fly rod! What a rush! by CatWic - My 8 year old niece caught this wiper at Quail Lake on Easter 2012 by hammertime - by Rod Father - Anyone else getting excited? by Super_Saiyajin - by BassTrout - Wiper @29"long by 20" girth and 12lbs! What a fight in the Dark! by BassTrout - 12 Lbs of Love from Atown! by nightangler - 6lb 24" Wiper caught on a leech & night crawler 7/23/11 @ 10:30pm by fishin buddy - by FISHRANGLER - Wiper MA Caught today. by gburciaga - Caught using nightcrawlers.
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