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  • Regional Editor (Boulder/Longmont)
A native of Colorado, It's been my pleasure to enjoy its many activities, from downhill skiing to water skiing, hiking, camping, white water rafting, water sports, golfing, hunting and of coarse fishing. Born in Boulder ( don't hold that against me please ), our family move to California after my father graduated to pursue his dream job. Lots of sun and surf, swimming and growing up. My parents divorced when I was 14 and back to Colorado my mom, sis, and I moved to be close to her parents and family.

My parents gave me a great upbringing, but my grand parents influenced me also. On my fathers side they showed me the pleasure of art and gardening. I remember painting with my grandmother and riding the tractor and going out to the garden with a salt shaker to eat radishes and cucumbers, he also taught me how to relieve myself in a hole without making a mess of myself. On my mothers side grandpa taught me to fish. I think at first he took me fishing so he could bring home more fish, double the limit so to speak, but after awhile I think he started to enjoy my company and teaching me. He was my fishing idol, there were pictures of him with big Bass, stringers of fish in bait shops ( Bennets in Loveland was one ) and at the old store at Carter Lake. We love to fish for kokanee at Carter Lake, pop gear, rubber snubbers and small lures like Swedish Pimples and dare devils.

Through High school I fished mainly streams. After High school I landed a job in Louisiana
and really enjoyed hunting and fishing. After a few years there I realized it was a dead end
job and moved back to Colorado. Married, had a child and divorced becoming a single parent, things got tough. Meet another gal, had a child, got married, had another child and was to busy to fish at all. The years went by, children grew up and more time on my side.
Bought a boat off Craig's list, a larger truck, a cab over camper and another divorce.

Now I'm in my mid sixth century, retired and you would think I could fish every day, but responsibility's to family and home come first. I've had the pleasure to fish with my 3 kids and 3 grand children. My son and I shoot and fish as much as possible, still doesn't seem enough.

Here's to more days on the water.

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