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TodayCarpQuest Season 7 - Episode 4 Released - Hideous conditions and a few Carp Landed
Never give up, Never Surrender. We returned to the Fairgrounds this spring in brutal weather, wind, rain and snow. Though the conditions were tough, James, Andrew and myself managed to get a few carp on the bank. (Monday)
CarpQuest Season 7 - Episode 3 Released - Fairgrounds in Spring, Big Pre-spawn Commons
The Quest at the Fairgrounds continues. In this episode the weather improved as did our fortunes. We finally got some big fat pre-spawn commons in the net and our hands. Much victory coffee was consumed ! (07.13.19)
The Fishing is Good!
My fishing style and place is quite limited, by my own choice. But when you can fish a slice of heaven and catch the kind of fish on the kind of equipment I have the privilege to use, there's little point in going elsewhere. (07.07.19)
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Stagecoach Reservoir by: Baitfisherman007
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