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FishExplorer is an angler-owned, angler-managed, angler-produced project with a perpetual goal to offer the best, most thorough, and most up-to-date fishing resource in the state under one roof. Not limited by a specific species or fishing technique, we are all about fishing for the love of fishing. FishExplorer is the place to share that. You can help by:
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Some of our Winter Giveaway sponsors are offering discount codes to FishExplorer members. I hope it helps you find that unique something you're looking for! (Wednesday)
CarpQuest Season 7 - Episode 7 Released - Carp Fishing at the Fairgrounds
Fantastic carp fishing session at Adams County Fairgrounds in Colorado, USA. My brother Peter was over from the UK to do some wildlife photography, (Sunday)
No talking politics
We Fish Explorer folks seem to maintain very cordial conversations on Forums, making for friendly communications. Here's a reminder from the Loveland Fishing Club on how they keep from strangling one another with today's tough braided line... (Saturday)
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Clear Creek by: smanoppo2
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Researching New Waters
by Dan Swanson
Many find fishing new waters to be one of the more exciting aspects of fishing. Taking time to do your homework will go a long ways toward making for a successful trip.
by Sleepy dan - Cutbow and rainbowby riper69 - by riper69 - by SGM - First Ice fish of the bron - by bron - by bron - by bron - by bron - by bron - by bron - by riper69 - by riper69 - by sauer67 - by sauer67 - Lake is really low, couldn`t get to the ice because of the mud, but the ice close to the bost ramp in a little puddle was thick enough to support me. Would like to go back early in the morning to check while the mud is still frozenby IceAngler - Island Lake trout
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