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South Platte - Waterton Canyon by: Banzai Jimmy
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Nathaniel Kolhoff Scott Brands Matt Snider Bill Prater Cisco Archuleta Jim McFarland Tom McInerney David Coulson Curtis Kees Tracy Featherston
Pictured: Nathaniel Kolhoff, Scott Brands, Matt Snider, Bill Prater, Cisco Archuleta, Jim McFarland, Tom McInerney, David Coulson, Curtis Kees, Tracy FeatherstonView a full listing of Colorado writers...
by duck657 - by Banzai Jimmy - by eholm - by eholm - by eholm - by eholm - by eholm - by ShadraP - by rainbow11 - South Platte river, Mother rljb1 - Spring Park pondby RX Fisher - by eholm - by eholm - by eholm - This is a couple hundred yards below the eholm - by DomTom - Cought around 745pm on corn & bread combo
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Carp on the Fly
by Barry Reynolds
Fly fishing for carp is more than a physical game, it is largely a mind numbing puzzle. Barry Reynolds, one of the leading advocates of this endeavor presents some of the most essential elements of turning your biglip quest into a forearm straining success.
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