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TodayA Gulf Coast Adventure
Our south Texas adventure would soon come to an end and we would have to head back to our normal lives, to our normal jobs, and to our normal routines back in Colorado. But for a few days, we lived it up in south Texas and had a Gulf Coast adventure! (Sunday)
RecentFishExplorer Regional Editors and Skippers
Spring fishing and lots of work on recently. We now have 9 Regional Editors and our focus is enlisting more Skippers across the state, so we can keep info and reports up to date. (Thursday)
New Blogger: Mike McConnell
It's always fun introducing new folks to positions and I look forward to continuing to read Mike's stuff. (04.11.19)
Game On 04.01.19 by M McConnell
NewIt begins... 04.20.19 (4 replies)
NewChatfield waking up 04.20.19 (3 replies)
RecentGreen mountain conditions 04.19.19 (0 replies)
RecentCutbow Trout - Corn Lake 04.19.19 (2 replies)
How many? 04.18.19 (8 replies)
TodayPB Brook 04.21.19 (5 replies)
TodayCool sight 04.21.19 (0 replies)
TodayHappy Easter guys and gals 04.21.19 (4 replies)
TodayCreek Shore Eyes 04.21.19 (2 replies)
TodayMean mouth....??? 04.21.19 (8 replies)
TodayWindy but fun day at Miramonte 04.21.19 (2 replies)
NewFeedin’ The Hawgs! 04.20.19 (9 replies)
NewTotally Disgusted I 04.20.19 (15 replies)
NewChatty Shore Eyes 04.20.19 (8 replies)
Recent Conditions Reports
Bear Creek by: DrDKamm
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Pictured: Mike McConnell, Matt Snider, Bill Prater, Jim McFarland, Bernie Keefe, Cisco Archuleta, David Coulson, Scott Brands, JOHN FINNEY, Eric AlleeView a full listing of Colorado writers...
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Hiring a Fishing Guide
by Dan Swanson
There are several reasons why hiring a guide can be a good decision for eager anglers. Dan discusses the benefits of doing just that, what to look for, how to tip, and how to make sure you've got everything covered for your guided fishing trip.
by p3t3rthegr8 - April 17, 2019by Ziggity321 - 14” 1.3 lbsby GoNe_FiShIn_11 - Sunsetby michaelpthompson - Pomona Lakeby michaelpthompson - Pomona Lakeby michaelpthompson - Pomona Lakeby michaelpthompson - Pomona Lakeby michaelpthompson - Pomona Lakeby michaelpthompson - Pomona Lakeby michaelpthompson - Pomona Lakeby bron - by bron - by bron - by bron - by bron - by fargingicehole -
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