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FishExplorer is an angler-owned, angler-managed, angler-produced project with a perpetual goal to offer the best, most thorough, and most up-to-date fishing resource in the state under one roof. Not limited by a specific species or fishing technique, we are all about fishing for the love of fishing. FishExplorer is the place to share that. You can help by:
TodayShould You Start Tournament Fishing?
If you’ve been thinking of entering any tournaments yourself this article may help you make that decision of getting involved or avoiding the tournament scene altogether. (Tuesday)
RecentCarpQuest Season 7 - MINI Episode Released
Our first trip of the new season took us to Adams County Fairgrounds. The calm morning quickly turned into a cold, blustery afternoon. Our efforts were rewarded towards the end of the session with a with a nice low double common. (Saturday)
New fishing lines and old anglers
Consider this a tutorial on new fishing lines for old Colorado dogs, and anyone else who needs to learn new tricks. (Warning: Anyone with a heavy investment in heavy equipment may disagree with what follows.) (05.26.19)
NewHelp on Blu Mesa 06.24.19 (2 replies)
NewStaunton handicap access 06.24.19 (2 replies)
RecentBest Fishing Near Loveland, CO? 06.23.19 (2 replies)
AURORA reservoir. 06.21.19 (6 replies)
Gilligan! 06.20.19 (5 replies)
TodayCreedmore 06.25.19 (0 replies)
TodayFather's day weekend 06.25.19 (3 replies)
TodayTackle Sale 06.25.19 (6 replies)
TodaySt. Croix Bass X rods 06.25.19 (5 replies)
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Watson Lake by: rkhancock
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Scott Brands JOHN FINNEY Bill Prater Mike McConnell Matt Snider Tom McInerney Jim McFarland Bernie Keefe Cisco Archuleta David Coulson
Pictured: Scott Brands, JOHN FINNEY, Bill Prater, Mike McConnell, Matt Snider, Tom McInerney, Jim McFarland, Bernie Keefe, Cisco Archuleta, David CoulsonView a full listing of Colorado writers...
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Tricks of Trolling
by Nate Zelinsky
It is critical to be able to present any bait properly in any situation to catch mature fish. Nate and Stephanie Zelinsky discuss some of the trolling tricks up their sleeve to do so.
by foolnfish - by Ty6 - by kd0gmy - Small 15 incher on a crawler harnessby SGM - 17.5 inchby riper69 - by riper69 - by bron - by bron - by bron - by bron - by bron - by bron - by bron - by luresforall - Caz landed his frist Lake Troutby tazdozcat - by tazdozcat -
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