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Big Creek Lake(lower)
Big Creek Lake (Lower) provides boating access and great fishing opportunities for trout and tiger muskie.
Big Creek Lake(upper)
Great trout lake accessible by trails from the campgrounds at lower Big Creek Lake. Stream runs from the upper to the lower that also provides great small stream action.
East Delaney
East Delany Butte Lake is a artificial flies and lures only lake. This lake provides action for rainbows and cuthroats.
North Delaney
North Delaney Butte Lake is an artificial flies and lures only body of water with excellent brown trout fishing.
South Delaney
Excellent trout fishing exists at South Delaney Butte Lake, set in the high plains of North Park.
Lake John
Lake John is a high plains lake outside of Walden, CO that has provided great action for large trout in the past.
Hohnholz Lake #3
Honholz Lake #3 is regulated for flies and lures only and produces some large brown trout and cutbows.
Joe Wright Reservoir
This special regulations lake is an excellent grayling fishery . CPW is working to improve grayling size through limited stockings of tiger muskie, tiger trout, and lake trout.
Long Draw Reservoir
Located near the top of Cameron Pass, this high mountain reservoir offers folks a chance to get away from the crowds in their pursuit of Greenback cutthroats.
Cowdrey Lake
Cowdrey holds promising fishing for some big holdover trout, and should be paid a visit when fishing the other popular North Park lakes.
North Michigan Reservoir
North Michigan Lake is tucked away in the mountains west of Cameron Pass and east of Walden, offering numerous campgrounds and fine trout fishing.
Seymour Lake
Seymour is a shallow lake stocked heavily with trout.
Hohnholz Lake #2
Honholz Lake #2 has no restrictions for tackle or limit and is good for beginning anglers and families with children.
Barnes Meadow Reservoir
Despite its proximaty to the Colorado 14, Barnes Meadow is frequently bypassed for other area waters. That might be a mistake as this is a productive trout fishery that rarely much traffic.
Teal Lake
Teal lake is a relatively large lake that is full of stocked bows, a few cutthroat, and a occasional laker.
Tiago Lake
Tiago lake has populations of rainbows and cutthroat, and also a small population of tiger trout.
Slack-Weiss Reservoir
Slack Weiss is a great lake to drive up to and camp. It contains populations of stocked trout, as well as wild brookies and cutthroat.
Kidney Lake
Kidney Lake is a lot like Slack-Weiss Lake. It is shallow, weedy, and full of stocked trout, along with some wild fish.
Rawah Lakes
Lake is inactive.
Lake Agnes
This listing includes both the upper and lower Lake Agnes lakes Lake is inactive.
Dome Lake (Mt Zirkel Wild.)
Lake is inactive.
Slide Lakes
Slide Lake #2 & Slide Lake #3 Lake is inactive.
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