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Boyd Lake
Boyd Lake presents opportunities to catch trout, walleye and white bass. Walleye and white bass are the real attractions of this lake making it one of the best fisheries in the state for these species.
Carter Lake
Carter Lake located just outside of Loveland offers excellent trout fishing, thanks in part to frequent stockings.
Flatiron Reservoir
Recreation is managed by Larimer County Parks and Open Lands. Flatiron Reservoir is a popular spot for fishing and family camping.
Lon Hagler Reservoir
Lon Hagler is a small lake west of Loveland that is heavily stocked with rainbows. The lake has also been stocked with tiger muskie.
Pinewood Reservoir
Pinewood is a small but productive lake tucked into the foothills west of Loveland, labeled a lake for the "hard-core" fisherman.
Boedecker Reservoir
As the reservoir is lined with private residences, the best way to fish this lake is via boat. Due to irrigation demands and a short ramp, launching boats becomes difficult in late summer.
Lake Loveland
Lake Loveland has good populations of Walleye and Smallmouth Bass and is regularly stocked with trout. It is a popular ice fishing lake that has one private-use boat ramp and limited shoreline access.
Big Thompson Ponds
Located just south of Loveland along Interstate 25, Big Thompson Ponds SWA offers decent action for panfish, largemouth bass, and catfish.
Simpson Ponds SWA
These three small ponds in southeast Loveland offer shore and float-tube anglers a chance at bass, bluegills, cats, and carp.
River's Edge and Jayhawker Ponds
The five ponds at River's Edge Natural Area, across the street from Centennial Park, provide some nice sunfish, perch, and bass fishing in southwest Loveland.
Heinricy Lake
Loveland Service Center Pond
North Lake Park Pond
This small pond north of Loveland has a good population of small sunfish. With nearby playground equipment is an ideal outing for kids.
Houts and Equalizer Lakes
Two small ponds on the High Plains Environmental Center campus, offering shore fishing for a variety of species from select access points.
Roberts Lake
Small pond tucked into neighborhood in northwest Betrhoud
Horseshoe Lake (Loveland)
Private lake west of Boyd Lake, with very limited public access. Fishing is prohibited until June 1st as of a couple years ago. Sings are posted at access points with regulations. No public boating. Ice fishing is not allowed.
Buckingham Lake
Lake page is inactive.
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