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Nee Gronda Reservoir
A popular eastern reservoir, Nee Gronde provides excellent warm water fishing for saugeye, wiper, white bass, channel catfish, and smallmouth bass.
Nee Noshe Reservoir
Nee Noshe Reservoir is located in Kiowa County, on the eastern plains of Colorado. Located in Queens SWA
Queens Reservoir
Queens had been dry since 2005 and refilled in 2015. The fishery is being re-established.
Thurston Reservoir
While this shallow southeastern reservoir offers fishing for a wide variety of species, it is more popular with bird watchers than fishers.
Hasty Lake
Midwestern Farms Pond
Mike Higbee SWA (Clay Creek Pond)
Black Hole at Two Buttes
Located below the dam of Two Buttes Reservoir, part of the Two Buttes Reservoir State Wildlife Area
Northgate Ponds (N. Gateway Park)
Set of 3 ponds in the North Gateway Park area featuring warmwater species and rainbow trout.
Operation Game Thief
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