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Monarch Lake
Monarch Reservoir is located in Arapaho National Forest. Located just southeast of Arapaho Bay of Granby Reservoir in a primitive area, this small reservoir offers beautiful views and good fishing for brook trout.
Pettingell Lake - RMNP
This is not a fishing location for most folks unless you are a back country off-trail junkie.
Lake Nanita & Drainage - RMNP
One of the largest and highest lakes in the Park, Lake Nanita can fish well for Colorado River cutthroat.
Haynach Lakes & Drainage - RMNP
This is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Park, but the Yellowstone cutts are easily spooked.
Ten Lake Park - RMNP
This area is thought to be undisturbed since the glaciers came through. The price to pay for seeing this undisturbed beauty is a rough hike.
Adams Lake - RMNP
Adams Lake in RMNP is one of, if not the most, remote back-country lake in the Park. There are much easier destinations in the Park for Colorado River cutthroat.
Lone Pine Lake - RMNP
Lone Pine Lake has the classic fish producing shape with a deep middle and shallow shelf edges for its brook trout.
Lake Verna & Spirit Lake - RMNP
Spirit Lake and Lake Verna both have healthy populations of brookies.
Fourth Lake - RMNP
The pocketed meadows around Fourth Lake are moose country, but you'll probably see more brook trout in the water.
Timber Lake - RMNP
Trout lake in RMNP at the base of Mt. Ida
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