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Granby Lake
Colorado's largest body of water in the CO river headwaters provides great trout fishing.
Grand Lake
Grand Lake is considered to be one of the best lake trout fisheries in the state.
Shadow Mountain Reservoir
Shadow Mountain Reservoir is a large lake located just outside of the southwest boundary of Rocky Mountain National Park. Best fishing for rainbow and brown trout through July.
Willow Creek Reservoir
A popular lake with a nice campground, a bit more off the beaten path than its sister lakes to the east.
Meadow Creek Reservoir
One of Arapaho National Recreation Areas and the most remote location. If you like getting away from the crowds and roughing it a little, this is the place to go.
Upper Lake & Stone Lake- IPWA
Upper and Stone Lakes are nestled in a small valley head and stocked with cutthroat.
Crawford Lake (Hell Canyon) - IPWA
Crawford is a shallow lake with 8-10" cutthroat typical.
Long Lake (Hell Canyon) - IPWA
Long Lake is a beautiful lake stocked with Colorado River cutthroat.
Round Lake - IPWA
It's not easy to get to, but Round Lake is a high altitude lake with Colorado River cutthroats.
Gourd Lake - IPWA
Gourd Lake offers a lot of accessible fishing from shore.
Island Lake - IPWA
Island Lake requires off-trail travel and the island requires a 15 yard wade/swim.
Watanga Lake - IPWA
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