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Fishing in Fort Collins, ColoradoSee fishing near other Colorado towns and cities.

Douglas Reservoir
Douglas is a decent sized body of water north of Fort Collins that is prone to heavy irrigation draw-down but offers great fishing for wiper and walleye.
Horsetooth Reservoir
Horsetooth Reservoir offers exceptional smallmouth bass and walleye fishing, in addition to trout and a variety of other species.
Watson Lake
Watson is a small but beautiful lake that offers fine fishing nestled against the Poudre River.
Wellington Reservoir #4
Wellington #4 is now closed to public access. Small body of water north of Fort Collins that is subject to heavy irrigation draw-down but offers great fishing for trout, catfish, and walleye. Lake page is inactive.
Chambers Lake
In Roosevelt NF, Chambers is a popular, scenic lake east of Cameron Pass offering decent trout and Lake Trout fishing.
Dowdy Lake
Dowdy Lake offers pristine beauty and excellent trout fishing.
Parvin Lake
Beautiful fishery with strict regulations limiting fishing by flies and lures only and shore fishing or float tube fishing.
West Lake (Red Feather)
Decent trout fishing for stockers with some larger holdovers available.
Smith Lake (Lar. Cty.) (Boxelder #3)
Smith Lake in Larimer county is a small lake offering multiple species and lies close to popular Wellington#4. Also referred to as Boxelder Lake #3
Seaman Reservoir
Access to Seaman Reservoir is about a one mile hike from the Gateway Natural Area parking lot, so pressure is fairly low. Beware, rattlesnakes abound.
Dixon Reservoir
Dixon Reservoir, sitting in the shadow of its larger neighbor, Horsetooth Reservoir, should not be over looked as it supports a healthy population of generally cooperative largemouth bass, sunfish, and crappie.
Comanche Reservoir
Tucked inside Comanche Peak Wilderness Area, Comanche Reservoir can be hit or miss, but holds some decent sized trout.
Browns Lake
Located in Comanche Peak Wilderness, this beautiful natural mountain lake and its rainbow and brook trout are well worth the hike.
Sheldon Lake (City Park)
Sheldon Lake, commonly called City Park Lake, offers decent fishing for many species as well as many other recreation opportunities to Fort Collins residents.
Arapaho Bend Ponds (FC)
Located where I-25, Harmony, and the Poudre meet, Arapaho Bend Ponds in Fort Collins offers anglers a change to catch catfish, bass, perch, and walleye.
McMurry Ponds
McMurry Natural Area, located in Northern Fort Collins, can offer good fishing for bass, sunfish, crappie and catfish.
North Shields Ponds
A great little set of secluded scenic ponds next to the Poudre river north of Fort Collins, the North Shields Ponds offer anglers a good chance a multi-species day
Prospect Ponds (FC)
Prospect Ponds Natural Area is on the Eastern end of Fort Collins and offers decent fishing for crappie, catfish, bass and carp.
Riverbend Ponds
Riverbend Natural Area offers some decent fishing in its six ponds located east of Timberline and south of Prospect as well as a scenic walking trail that winds around the majority of the Natural Area.
Portner Reservoir (Fossil Creek)
Portner Reservoir is a series of 3 ponds at Fossil Creek Park which offer decent fishing for warm water species.
Cottonwood Glen Park (Fort Collins)
Troutman Park (Fort Collins)
Rolland Moore Park Pond (Fort Collins)
Spring Park (Fort Collins)
English Ranch Park
Golden Meadow Park (Ft. Collins)
Golden meadows is a small, shallow, and weedy lake that supports good populations of crappie and panfish, as well as having a few trophy bass, catfish, and grass carp.
Miramont Park (Ft. Collins)
This pond is not really a fishery, at least not yet.
Ridgeview Park Pond (Ft. Collins)
Very small pond int he fields at Mc Graw Elementary School Lake page is inactive.
Comanche Lake
A picturesque natural mountain lake in Comanche Peak Wilderness area well worth the hike for a shot at chasing some cutthroat trout. Don't forget the float tube!
Kingfisher Point Ponds
The Kingfisher Point Ponds is a rebounding fishery, but the northeast pond is stocked with warmwater species by CPW.
Avery Pond
Avery is a tiny little pond in the Avery neighborhood west of the CSU campus, mainly hosting small panfish, catfish, and bass - great for kids.
Westfield Park
Neighborhood park with a small pond on the eastern side of park. With few obstructions to inhibit casting, this makes for a nice place to spend an hour or two fishing.
Stew Case Park Pond
Warren Park Pond
Greenbriar Park Lake
Very small pond with warmwater fish in NE Fort Collins, with standard rec amenities of city parks.
Wildwing Ponds
Small pond associated with the Wildwing housing development with warmwater and catchable trout fishing. Lake page is inactive.
Overland Park Pond (FC)
Small community pond in recreational park in west Fort Collins with standard warmwater fishing.
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